Meet Nakuru MCA with 5-pillar anchored leadership

Flamingo ward MCA Eddy Kiragu has urged his opponents whom he defeated in the August 8th polls to put aside their political differences but rather join hands in ensuring service delivery to the people of Flamingo.
In an interview on Thursday, the first term legislator in the county Assembly of Nakuru said politics should not divide the people and that a time had come for leaders to work together to achieve development agenda for the people.
“They chose me to represent them and therefore this is the time to put aside our political differences and work towards achieving our goals. I will present bills that fit them to the county assembly” he said.
The youthful MCA says his leadership is anchored on 5 pillars namely Education, Social empowerment, Security, Health and Poverty eradication.
According to him, all the issues affecting the people of Flamingo ward fall among the five items which he hopes to address in the next 5 years of his tenure as MCA for the ward.
“In the period of five years we will deliver to the people of Flamingo according to our manifesto which has five pillars namely education, Social empowerment, Security, Health and Poverty eradication” he said.
It should be noted that Flamingo ward is one of the wards in Nakuru county that in the recent past has been faced with challenges of insecurity which the MCA notes might be due to lack of education as well as unemployment among the youths.
This, MCA Kiragu has began to address through the opening of Ward office that has offered employment to 3 youths in addition to the 3 employees of the county assembly.
The magnificent office situated at Zakayos Building near Rivanas Supermarket on the outskirts of Nakuru town has 5 departments plus the secretary who will receive all the grievances of the people of Flamingo via the number 0790436353 and direct them to the relevant departments for action.
“I have created employment within my office such that beside the 3 slots I have from the county assembly, I have added other three whom I will pay myself. This is the leadership we want-leadership that look beyond their own interests. We also have a number that will be used by the people of Flamingo to address issues” he said.
MCA Kiragu also called on all the residents of flamingo to maintain peace even as the nation prepares for a repeat of Presidential elections come October 26th.
Hon.Kiragu was elected on Jubilee ticket after he defeated the former MCA Moses Gichangi during the April nominations.
PHOTO/Pristone Mambili: A section of the magnificent Flamingo Ward MCA’s office in Nakuru.

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