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Sweet potatoes for sale in Dundori
Nakuru Photos

Photos: Dundori (Gwa Kiongo) Centre

Dundori Centre is 25 KMs from Nakuru. Below are a few photos of the famous Dundori. The town’s economy is based on agriculture and small businesses. #NakuruPhotos

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Donkeys in Dundori
Famous Nakuru

Dundori (Ndunduri) Gwa Kiongo Centre in Nakuru

Dundori Centre is a small town 25 KMs from Nakuru Town. It is also known as Ndunduri or Gwa Kiongo by locals. It is a famous centre that lies at the crossroads of three roads. The road from Nakuru, from Nyahururu and from Ol’kalou. The centre is famous for extra-large chapatis and mandazis. Many people […]

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