County Government of Nakuru: Services, Functions, and Leadership

Susan Kihika leading the County Government of Nakuru to sign performance contracts

Nakuru County, one of Kenya’s vibrant regions, boasts a dynamic county government responsible for a range of essential services and functions. Whether you’re a resident or planning a visit, understanding the role and responsibilities of the Nakuru County government is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Nakuru County’s government, its services, and its impact on the community, while also highlighting the key leadership team currently in office.

Meet the Leaders of the County Government of Nakuru

Before we dive into the various services and functions of Nakuru County’s government, let’s introduce you to the individuals at the helm:

  1. Governor Susan Kihika: Susan Kihika leads Nakuru County as its Governor. Her vision and leadership are instrumental in shaping the county’s policies and development initiatives.
  2. Deputy Governor David Kones: Serving as the Deputy Governor of Nakuru County, David Kones plays a crucial role in supporting Governor Susan Kihika in the administration and governance of the county.
  3. Dr. Samuel Mwaura – Acting County Secretary: Dr. Samuel Mwaura serves as the Acting Secretary of Nakuru County. In this vital role, he plays a pivotal part in coordinating and facilitating various county government activities.
  4. County Executive Committee Members (CECs): To assist the Governor in delivering services to the Nakuru electorate, the Governor is assisted by a team of executives heading the various departments. The CECs currently in place include;
  1. Michael Kamau Karanja – Infrastructure
  2. Josephine Atieno Achieng – Youth, Gender, Sports and Social Services
  3. Stephen Iribe Njogu – Finance and Economic Planning
  4. Jacqueline Mong’ina Osoro – Health Services
  5. Nelson Tonui Maara – Water, Environment, Climate Change and Energy
  6. Leonard Kipkoech Bor – Agriculture, Fisheries and Co-Operatives
  7. Stephen Kuria Muiruri – Trade, Culture and Tourism
  8. Roselyn Wanjiru Mungai – Public Service Training and Devolution
  9. John Karanja Kihagi – Lands, Physical Planning Housing and Urban Development
  10. Zipporah Wambui – Education, Youth, ICT and E-Government

Now, let’s explore the services and functions that make Nakuru County’s government an essential cornerstone of the region’s progress and prosperity.

1. Healthcare Services in Nakuru County

Under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika and Deputy Governor David Kones, Nakuru County prioritizes healthcare services. Access to quality healthcare is essential for the well-being of Nakuru County’s residents, and initiatives are in place to ensure the provision of these crucial services.

2. Education Initiatives

Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to education is reflected in the county’s efforts to oversee and improve educational institutions. The education services offered by the county are Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) and Vocational Training Centers (VTCs).  Education is a key driver of development in Nakuru County.

3. Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development remains a central focus in Nakuru County. Governor Susan Kihika and his team are dedicated to ensuring well-maintained roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure that connects communities and drives economic growth.

4. Agriculture Support

The county government of Nakuru continues to support local farmers and promote agricultural practices that contribute to Nakuru County’s economic stability. The leadership team recognizes agriculture’s importance in the region.

5. Water and Sanitation Management

Access to clean water and proper sanitation is a fundamental human right. Nakuru County, under the guidance of Governor Susan Kihika and Deputy Governor David Kones, continues to manage water supply and sanitation services to improve public health and living conditions.

6. Public Works and Construction

Governor Susan Kihika and Deputy Governor David Kones oversee public construction projects and maintenance of public properties. This commitment ensures that Nakuru County residents enjoy safe and well-maintained public spaces.

7. Trade and Tourism Promotion

Promoting trade and tourism activities is integral to Nakuru County’s economic growth. Governor Susan Kihika is focused on creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and contribute to the local economy.

8. County Planning and Development

Under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika, Deputy Governor David Kones, and the support of Dr. Samuel Mwaura and the planning department, Nakuru County continues to develop and implement county development plans and projects. These initiatives shape the county’s growth and progress.

9. Revenue Collection for Sustainable Development

To fund its operations and provide services, Nakuru County’s government collects revenue through taxation and other means. This revenue, under the guidance of the leadership team.

As Nakuru County’s government evolves and adapts to the changing needs of its residents, staying informed and engaged is essential. Keep an eye on official county government websites and local news sources for the latest updates on county initiatives, leadership changes, and policy decisions.

In conclusion, Nakuru County’s government, led by Governor Susan Kihika plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Whether a resident or a visitor, understanding these roles and the dedicated leaders behind them can help you appreciate the contributions of Nakuru County’s government to the community’s growth and prosperity.

Kivumbini MCA lauds Governor Kihika for supporting victims of inferno

Kivumbini Ward MCA Neto Sakwa has lauded Governor Susan Kihika for the swift move through the Disaster Management Department to aid victims of fire incidents.

He noted that in such scenarios, families are derailed due to destroyed homes and properties.

Speaking after visiting the families with donations among them mattresses, blankets and foodstuff, Sakwa commended Governor Kihika for the support and vowed to work closely with the county boss for the benefit of the people of the cosmopolitan Kivumbini Ward.

He assured that under his leadership and good working relationship with Governor Kihika, Kivumbini residents will reap big when it comes to development.

Kihika defends her CECMs’ list

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has defended her proposed cabinet despite opposition from a section of individuals.

Speaking on Monday during Jamhuri Day celebration at Molo Stadium, Kihika said she considered representation from all the sub-counties.

She told off critics of the list, terming them individuals who do not mean good for the county.

“I made sure we have a representative from all the sub-counties. So in doing so did I err? I think people should keep off politics and support development agenda” she said.

Since assumption of office, Nakuru County has not been fully constuted following many petitions challenging CECMs and COs’ list.

Kihika weighs in on petitions challenging her cabinet, vows not to be intimidated

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has vowed not to bow down to pressure being spearheaded by a few individuals through court orders and petitions.

Speaking on Monday during commissioning of water and a health facility projects in Mai Mahiu in Naivasha Sub County, Kihika said she will not allow any intimidation from anyone concerning her proposed cabinet.

She warned petitioners that she will not be dragged behind through court cases.

The Governor has vowed to work with the proposed cabinet.

“They have a right to go to court but that will intimidate me on the proposed cabinet. I am ready to work with the CECs and Chief officers I proposed so that we can deliver to the people of Nakuru” said Kihika.

She added that she is ready to fulfill to the people what she promised while noting that the independence of the Judiciary should be respected.

Sentiments echoed by a section of Naivasha MCAs.

Led by Naivasha East MCA Stanley Karanja, and his Hellsgate counterpart Virginia Karanja they vowed to vet and pass the nominees of governor Susan Kihika to the Cabinet.

The MCAs vowed to work closely with Kihika for service delivery to the people.

Nakuru Business community blame petitioners for derailing development

Members of Nakuru Business community are pointing an accusing finger at individuals behind various petitions against Governor Susan Kihika’s administration.

They noted that the petitioners are individuals with own self interests who are out to derail development agenda of the current administration.

Led by Stephen Muli, the members of Business Community in Nakuru decried that the petition to bar the vetting and swearing in of CECs and COs proposed by Governor Susan Kihika was putting the county at stand still.

They claimed that a section of individuals are using the petitioners to deny residents of Nakuru development required.

Muli called on the petitioners to think about the interests of the larger population in Nakuru and withdraw the cases.

The members who addressed journalists in Nakuru on Friday, threatned to hold  demonstration in Nakuru if the petitioners will not withdraw the cases.

“As business community in Nakuru, we have suffered greatly before and we cannot allow a few individuals to derail development agenda of Governor Susan Kihika over selfish interests.The Governor is now hand-tied and cannot deliver her promises to the people. Businesses are affected for the last five years and we cannot allow the trend to continue because of a few individuals going to court with petitions against Governor Susan Kihika’s administration. Let them withdraw the cases failure to which we shall mobilize our members for demonstration in Nakuru CBD” stated Muli.

Sentiments echoed by Simon Ole Nasieku from small scale traders.

According to Nasieku, failure by petitioners to withdraw the cases will see them mobilize traders from all the sub-counties for a major demonstration.

Nasieku also called on the Chief Justice Martha Koome to step in and save the county government of Nakuru from ‘greedy petitioners’.

“We are saying in one voice that we shall not be part of those derailing the government of governor Susan Kihika. We also all CJ Martha Koome to step in and help deal with this petitioners who are not genuine ” said Nasieku.

Central Rift Matatu owners call for withdrawal of petitions against Governor Kihika’s administration

Central Rift Matatu owners are calling on petitioners against Governor Susan Kihika’s administration to withdraw the cases and allow the county government to function.

Led by chairman Steven Muli, they termed the trends as selfishness, desperation and ill motive towards the county government.

“From the trends I have depicted selfishness, desperation and ill motive individuals towards the County Government of Nakuru .The schemes to derail our Governor’s ambitions towards Nakuru resident is uncalled for, I’m calling on the petitioners of the so “many court cases” to withdraw them for the benefit of Nakuru residents” said Muli.

He noted that the  governor cannot execute her mandate smoothly without CECs and COs hence called on the petitioners to consider the interests of the larger population first.

“With a lot of concerns, NAKURU COUNTY is bigger than individuals who are behind all this unnecessary fights. As business community and people I represent, We are against what is going on in Court. Its been 3 months now with Nothing going on because of them,’cases’.” he added.

Muli called on Nakuru residents to remember governor Susan Kihika’s administration in prayers and urged for a little patience and time for her to deliver.

Governor Kihika flags off relief food with stern warning to administrators

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has sounded a stern warning to administrators against peddling relief food meant for vulnerable families.

Speaking on Saturday morning at the county Headquarters when together with County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo flagged off a consignment of relief food, Kihika urged the administrators to ensure the food reaches the genuine beneficiaries.

“We have agreed that we shall work with the local administration to ensure the food reaches the genuine beneficiaries,” said Kihika.

This is the first phase of relief food from the national government.

Kihika pointed out that she had made a request to the National government so that Nakuru can also benefit from relief food like in other Arid and Semi-arid counties since some parts of Nakuru were also facing hunger.

“Some may not understand why Nakuru but the truth is some parts of our sub-counties are also facing hunger,” she stated.

The 11 Sub-counties of Nakuru will benefit from relief food that includes rice and beans.

According to Kihika, Drought has  also affecting parts of Nakuru due to poor production and that is why it was lobbied for Nakuru to be part of beneficiary of the ASALs counties 29.

Parts of Naivasha, Gilgil, Rongai,lower parts of subukia,Mzee wa Nyama,Kapkures and Kaptembwa are among the areas affected.
While noting that very expensive farm inputs has contributed to food insecurity, Kihika assured that measures are already in place.
She also warned farmers in Nakuru against selling their green maize at a throw away price.
“Our economy is not doing well but we urge farmers not to sell maize while still green as it will affect food production.The Kenya Kwanza government is putting in place measures to cushion farmers towards food security.We call on farmers to be patient with the government and the prices will be okay as economy begins resucitate” she said.
Kihika once again assuring that her administration is working closely with the national government to better lives of residents.
In line with that, Kihika announced that the county will soon hire field extension officers to help farmers in identifying the best inputs.
“We shall soon hire extension officers to aid farmers on identification of best seeds to produce more and earn them more money as well as Food security in Nakuru” said Kihika.
On his part County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo called for need for counties to work with National government on food security.
He announced the availed government subsidized fertilizer at a cost of Kshs 3,500 per bag and urged farmers to access the same.
It should be noted that over 75,000 people in Nakuru county are in need of relief food


Nakuru County Government embarks on improving infrastracture

Nakuru County Goverment ongoing roadworks

Nakuru County Government’s Department of Roads and Transport has continued to oversee high-impact ongoing projects in various areas. The ongoing road projects are being undertaken to improve connectivity and accessibility in the county. This is in line with Governor Susan Kihika’s campaign promises of improved infrastructure.

Some of the ongoing road works include the gravelling and compacting of Tree farm road in Ngata, Rongai Sub-county covering a distance of 3 KM. The other is the grading of Shinners Girls road in Nakuru East Sub-County, a distance of 2.7 KM. The projects have made tremendous progress in opening up several access roads by gravelling, grading and compacting.

Once complete, the roads will lead to the diversification of agricultural activities and boost the rural as well as overall economic growth of the county.

Governor Kihika lauds President Ruto for considering Nakuru in Cabinet formation

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has lauded President William Ruto for considering Nakuru County in the Cabinet formation.

This follows the appointment of Zachary Mwangi Njeru (Zack Njeru)  as the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning.

Njeru becomes the second Minister since Achieng Oneko in independence time.

“This is a huge win for Nakuru having a full Cabinet Minister since independence.Thank you H.E. President William Ruto for keeping your word and giving Nakuru County a full Minister. Nakuru is happy” stated Kihika.

It should be noted that Governor Kihika has been on the Frontline in lobbying for Nakuru to be at the national table.

During her campaigns, Kihika vowed to ensure the Kenya Kwanza Government gives Nakuru Ministerial slot.

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