Nakuru CEC nominees rejection/approval by County assembly

Most of Governor Sonko’s Cabinet nominee were approved without having either the relevant academic qualifications or experience in relevant or any field at all. We in Nakuru shall remain under developed because we are sometimes if not all the times our own enemies.
Governor Lee  Kinyanjui was elected on platform of inclusivity, but the manner in which he made CEC  nominations appeared to be an exclusive affair. 
The MCAs were elected on a platform of inclusivity, but reports from the assembly suggest a divided and exclusive  county assembly .
In all this exclusive and divisive leadership, its  we the citizens that lose. When leaders choose to pursue the law selectively or make decisions with their interests above those of the voter, we shall all suffer from poor public service delivery and lack of or under development.
In this matter of the Nakuru County Government CEC nomination fallout neither  the CPSB, Governor Lee and or the County Assembly ca be absolved. They dug this hole in their disunity and selfishness and they will soon if not in 2022 fall victim to it .
However they still have time to redeem themselves by raising above petty and narrow political interest and collectively making a decision that will serve the common person  and not cartels and political brokers.
The post of member of CEC in my view doesn’t require either high or low academic qualification or much experience or relevance in a specific field.
This position in its very nature is a political appointment and therefore the office holder must above all demonstrate Leadership. The candidate must have values and ethos, the person must have character, strength and temperament to sustain the demands of the office. This person must be motivated by a deep  passion, purpose and desire for public service and must not be incentivesied by financial rewards, power and influence only or the opportunity to apply his or her acquired knowledge .
The person must have a vision, be determined to pursue it and see to it that it influences change and empowers the lives of people. These in my view are the values and principals that a political appointee or CEC in this case  must  first and foremost demonstrate to hold  before any selection or vetting committee considers his or her “fitness” to a particular position.
In my experience as a leader, the right character, attitude and temperament as well emotional intelligence are far more important for any leader to succeed than having the relevant acquired knowledge and experience. These two alone cannot make any leader perform well.
I therefore call upon the entire elected and non elected leadership of Nakuru to look beyond their own selfish interest and give us a team  whether they are political appointees or staff that can perform.
What’s important is that the decision they make now and in future must be arrived at through a process that builds consensus where there is none, a process that reinforces unity where there exists one and a process that encourages the harmonious  convergence of divergent ideas and schools of thought. We cannot always agree but we can agree to disagree most of the time but still work together.
We voted in all elected leaders with a majority vote, we voted in favour of all Jubilee Party candidates across the entire county. The unity you demonstrated during the campaigns should bring you together now that we need a functioning  county government, an institution that can unite us and give us a pride as people, a government that can instill  confidence in us and the national  government, a team that will prove NAKURU is ready for serious business.

Naivasha leaders want Governor Lee to keep his promise

A day after a list was released by CPSB of shortlisted applicants as Nakuru county CEC members Naivasha leaders were not happy with the names that made it to the list purportedly from Naivasha.

The Naivasha leaders meeting
The Naivasha leaders meeting

It’s this list that led to a meeting convened by some Naivasha leaders led by Hon. Karanja Mburu the MCA for Lakeview Ward and Hon. Karanja wa Mariamu the MCA for Naivasha East. Hon. Karanja is also the County Assembly majority leader. The meeting was called to discuss the matter.
The leaders present said that governor Lee Kinyanjui during and after his campaigns had promised to reward Naivasha with at least one County Executive Committee (CEC) member and more than one Chief Officer (CO).
The leaders pointed out that they didn’t just lobby for anybody associated with Naivasha but somebody who will represent their interests in the county executive that according to the released list was not reflected.
The leaders resolved to reach out to the Governor warning that should he not heed to their call; they would take a serious action including boycotting paying of revenue.
“We can’t be crying to the national government to consider Nakuru county in government appointments yet we here in Nakuru are outsourcing some staffs. We are aware there is a guy who made it in the list and he previously served in Kiambu County government as a CEC for health and now we are being told he is from Naivasha,” one of the leaders said.
“We are not requesting to have somebody get a job but to have someone who will represent our interest and we will not settle for less,” another leader weighed in.
The leaders through the Naivasha elected MCAs will petition the Governor to consider keeping his promise as it’s his constitutional duty to nominate and present members of the county executive to the county assembly for vetting before the list is forwarded to the CA assembly for vetting and approval.

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