Embrace hand washing even during post-Covid-19, residents told

Nakuru residents have been urged to embrace hand washing not only during this COVID-19 Pandemic but also post-COVID-19.

Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani says the hand washing should be a norm as it will avert spread of various diseases such as flu.

Speaking at Free area Chief’s office after launching hand washing station to mark this year’s Global Hand washing Day, Rani stated that simple hand washing with soap and water can save


“As a society we have to embrace hand washing during this COVID-19 pandemic and post-COVID-19.So even as we mark this Global Hand washing Day we also need to continue adhering to the government’s measures as far as COVID-19 is concerned” said Rani.

During the activity, Lions Club of Menengai also donated food and non-food items to members of the Jitokeze Self Help Youth Group in Free area.

Jitokeze Youth Group that partnered with Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru during the activity has been taking part in matters environment conservation and hygiene as well as support for teenage mothers during COVID-19 pandemic.

Group’s Coordinator Lucy Mboche lauding Lions Club of Menengai for the continued support to ensure a better society.

She also reiterated the need for members of the public to embrace hand washing as it will go a long way in averting spread of diseases in society.

“We are grateful for the support we have been receiving from Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru. As we mark this Global Hand washing Day our appeal is to the society to embrace the same” She said.

‘Hand Hygiene for All’ is the theme of this year’s Global Hand washing Day, following a recent World Health Organization initiative calling for improved hand hygiene.

Global Hand washing Day is an annual global advocacy day established by the Global Handwashing Partnership to advocate for hand washing with soap as an easy, effective and frugal way to prevent diseases and save lives.


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