Gachobe calls for continuous listing of Inua jamii beneficiaries

Subukia member of Parliament Samuel Gachobe has called on the government to enable a continuous registration of elderly persons to benefit from the monthly  government stipend.

Speaking in Nakuru Gachobe noted that there are thousands of elderly people who have attained the age of benefiting from the stipend but they cannot since they have not been registered by the government .

He said that the monthly Ksh 2000 stipend had gone along way in alleviating suffering for the elderly and it would only be wise if the government expanded it to accommodate more beneficiaries.

“This programme has done a lot of good to our elderly and i want to urge the government to think about those who have attained the benefiting age after the registration was closed,” said Gachobe.

At the same time Gachobe asked the government to investigate claims of money not reaching some beneficiaries who had already been  registered by the Ministry.

He observed that a number of elderly people whose details had been captured during the second round of registration were  yet to receive their stipend despite assurances from Nairobi that the money had been disbursed.

Early this month the government through the national treasury released a total of kSH 8 billion to the Inua jamii programme being arrears for four months .

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