Former deputy mayor on spot for battering wife

Former Nakuru Deputy mayor Joseph Munyiri and his wife.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Former Nakuru deputy mayor Joseph Munyiri is on spot for battering his wife Joyce Wangui over TV wrangles.

Addressing media at Mediheal Hospital where she was admitted to nurse injuries said the husband has had the habit for many years.

Wangui who reveals that they have been married for the last 29 years says many of the past incidents she has had to flee for her life to avert sustaining injuries.

She says the Monday incident got her unaware.

According to Joyce,the reason behind the Monday incident was a 28 inch TV worth  sh12,000 that the husband decided to sell to one Jonah who resides at Freearea on the outskirts of Nakuru town without consulting.

She adds that after selling the TV,the husband went ahead to threaten their housegirl not to reveal.

But for Joyce,after realizing the TV was missing she went straight to Jonah’ home and took back the TV.

This did not orgere well with the husband who felt the deal was messed up.

Munyiri who was angered by the Wife’s decision descended on her with a steel rod and later blows.

“When he came back he was angry that his plans had failed and that is when he descended on me with steel rod and blows” she said.

Joyce adds that the husband has had uncontrollable anger of late.

She however reported the incident to Teachers Police station and directed to seek medication.

While at Mediheal Hospital,the husband followed her at the facility but disguised.

Fortunately,the son recognized him and the security was alerted where he was arrested.

Joyce has called on goverment to act and ensure cases of gender based violence are addressed.


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