County moves with speed to address storm water menace

The county government under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika is looking for a lasting solution in addressing storm water menace.
In a statement, Kihika noted that the ongoing heavy rains have exposed the inadequacies of the existing infrastructure to handle storm water, leading to flooding and damage of property in some areas within our County.
In line with this, teams from the governor’s office have been dispatched to handle the situation.
“We sympathize with the affected Nakuru residents who have bourne the blunt of the raging floods, and I have dispatched teams from my office to handle the situation as a priority” said Kihika.
In addition, the governor has  instructed the Departments of Infrastructure, Public Works, the City and Municipal Boards, Disaster Management and Public Health to move with speed to map out the most affected areas and provide both immediate and longterm solutions.
While pointing out that in some areas, there is already work in progress to deal with the menace once and for all, Kihika assured residents, visitors and investors in Nakuru that in subsequent years, this will be a thing of the past.
A spot check, already the Department of Infrastructure has moved with speed and commenced drainage works on some of the areas most affected by storm water floods.
On Friday, teams had been dispatched to clear waterways along the Store-Ngomongo road in Kiamaina ward and at Kanyi road (YMCA road) from Section 58 to Kanyon in Biashara ward.
According to CEC Eng. Michael Kamau who toured various affected areas in Bahati, Nakuru Town East and Nakuru Town West sub-counties; the county has taken a multi departmental approach to ensure immediate and longterm solutions are found as directed by Governor  Susan Kihika.

Kenyans urged to heed to flood alerts from Meteorological Department

Kenyans have been urged to heed to flood alerts issued by Meteorological Department .

File image of a flooded area. PHOTO| COURTESY

This even as deaths occasioned by floods in various parts of the country increased to 285 on Wednesday after the Devolution Ministry reported 29 more fatalities.

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa who addressed press on Wednesday was categorical that 810,665 people across the country were now affected by floods up from 808,000.

“Let us stay alert and respond to these warnings so that going into June we will be able to prevent any further loss of life and property” he said.

He however was quick to assure Kenyans that the national government is committed to the families affected.

According to the CS, families in more than 33 counties affected will continue to receive relief food through the month of June amid projections of more rains in Western, Nyanza, Lake Basin and Coast as well as parts of Rift Valley region.

He however pointed out that rains will subside in Northern Kenya and parts of Eastern.

The Devolution CS further called upon County Governments support flood response and sensitization activities.

Kinyanjui roots for permanent solution to flood menace in Nakuru West

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui and other officials addressing media  after assessing the effect of floods in Nakuru West.PHOTO/NGPU.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui is now rooting for permanent solution to the perennial flood menace in Nakuru West subcounty.

The issue of floods has been here year in year out especially during rainy season.

The Lake Nakuru has also been a contributor to the menace due to the ever rising water levels since 2010 that spills over to the community.

Silitation which has occurred over the years due to human activities within mau and upper grounds is also being felt in Lake Nakuru.

As it’s known, lake Nakuru lacks a breather, as it’s on a pan without a breather.

According to Geologists ,when some tectonic pressure is exerted in by the activities of menengai crater, those living in adjacent areas might might suffer.

But speaking in Barut and Mwariki- areas hit harshly by floods, Governor Kinyanjui said this is a matter that should not be ignored.

He said the county government will work  closely with the KWS to ensure a permanent solution.

He called on the locals in the floods-prone areas in  Nakuru West to be vigilant adding that early precautions will help ensure no life or properties are lost.

“We shall commence mapping of the areas under immediate threat so that we can find a permanent solution” said Kinyanjui.

He noted that the continued expansion of Lake Nakuru will have a negative impact to communities  living  around the Park.

Kinyanjui revealing that the county government will also engage the national government so that the land around the park belonging to residents can be bought and the locals compensated for an alternative land.

“We shall also be engaging the national Treasury with a view to see how this land can be bought or locals be compensated so as to avert movement every year due to floods” he said.

KWS Assistant Director Central Rift Region Dickson Ritan on his part stating that the water level in Lake Nakuru has continued to rise surpassing the normal boundaries.

He however termed the same a natural phenomenon common with lakes in Riftvalley.

The officer also challenging locals to play their role in conserving the environment to avert disaster.



Families displaced as floods cause havoc in Nakuru

More than ten families from Teachers estate in Nakuru have been displaced by ranging floods.

The families were forced to seek refuge from well wishers following a heavy downpour on Monday evening.

The floods affected among others Makao, Mawanga, Kiti, Mchanganyiko and Kiratina estates.

Those interviewed said that they have incurred huge losses as most of the goods got submerged in water.

“I cannot even account for my sixty chicks and two sheep” said one of the residents.

They now blame the mess on poor construction of storm water drains and clogging of the existing ones.

They challenged the county government of Nakuru to move in with speed and clear the blocked storm water drains.

Cases of cold related complications have also been reported with most residents expressing fear that the situation might get worse once schools re- open next week.

Although Shs 3 million has been set aside for construction of water drains in the area this financial year area MCA Wilson Mwangi says the money is not enough.

Topography of the area as well as members of the public encroaching on a seasonal river course way has made the situation worse as storm water finds its way into residential areas.

Community health workers and Kenya red cross society volunteers were busy collecting data of the affected families.


PHOTO/Citizen Tv:Floods causing havoc in Nakuru.More than ten families from Teachers estate in Nakuru have been displaced by ranging floods.

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