Residents urged to move away from Lakes due to rising water levels

Families bordering Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha have been urged to relocate to safer grounds following the rising water levels in the two lakes.

Rift valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya said that the water Levels in the two lake shave been rising rapidly in the past weeks and advised residents to take precaution

He said that at least 300 households bordering  Lake Nakuru might be forced to move since they are facing a danger of their homes being flooded by lake water.

Natembeya called on residents not to wait for a disaster but move before things get worse.

In Naivasha residents of Kihoto estate are a worried lot after several houses were flooded following the rising waters in Lake Naivasha.

On Sunday Governor Lee Kinyanjui called on those living close to the two lakes to take precautionary measures by moving to higher grounds to avert a possible disaster.

But residents of estates close to Lake Nakuru want the county government of Nakuru to offer them alternative space  where they will relocate to.

Most of them argue that they have no ability to move since they lack money to ddo so.

Already several families have been displaced by flood waters in Rhonda and Mwariki estates in Nakuru west Sub-county.

The families are now camping at  a local church.


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