Public warned against individuals masquerading as FIDA lawyers

Federation of women lawyers in Kenya -FIDA ivs calling on Kenyans to be careful after it emerged that there are individuals masquerading as FIDA lawyers in Nakuru.

Sophie Kaibiria from FIDA says such individuals will be traced to face full wrath of the law.

According to her, FIDA does not have lawyers assigned in Nakuru and those claiming to be FIDA lawyers are just but out to extort money from members of the public as FIDA does not charge any fee for the services rendered.

Members of the public are now asked to use toll free number 0800720501 to request for any service.

Kaibiria also called on the public to report anyone masquerading as FIDA lawyers so that action can be taken.

She spoke in Nakuru during a media sensitization meeting.

“We have no lawyers in Nakuru as FIDA. Those doing so are just but masquerading. We call on members of the public to report such for action” she said.

FIDA decries spike in electoral-related GBV cases

Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya (FIDA) have expressed concern over the spike in electoral related Gender Based Violence (GBV) that has affected the full exploitation of political space by women leaders ahead of the general election.

Speaking in Nakuru, Senior program officer for Women and Governance at FIDA Sophie Kaibiria said that the violence has heavily affected the operations of most of the women leaders to seek the will of the people.
“SInce late last year, we have documented the spike in the violence related to politics against women and which has slowed down their activities to move around and campaign”, she said.
Kaibiria said that FIDA has undertaken various capacity building initiatives to equip the women with skills and knowledge to handle some of the challenges that pose threat to them.

FIDA steps in on the Olenguruone police brutality case

The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Kenya is now calling on government agencies handling the alleged police brutality in Olenguruone case that left Ms Mercy Cherono fighting for her life at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital.

Speaking at the facility on Friday after visiting Mercy Cherono in the ward where she is nursing wounds, FIDA Kenya Executive Director Anne Ireri while condemning the incident said the police officers should follow the law instead of torture.

She added that they will be following up the matter through court  and have Lawyers to handle the case and ensure justice.

The Director also stating that they will be offering  support to Ms Cherono through her criminal case and seek to empower her.

Counseling and therapy to ensure that she

Meanwhile, the federation has called on Interior Cabinet Secretary and the entire regional administration as well as the Nakuru Level 5 hospital to ensure the Olenguruone case is handled with much attention it deserves.

“We shall be following up this matter as FIDA.We however call on the Government agencies concerned with the case to ensure there is no abuse of  law. Ensure that Kenya is a country that does not tolerate violence.

FIDA’s sentiments coming barely a day after Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya said a criminal offence (burglary incident) was committed and Ms Mercy Cherono is a prime suspect.

An armed police officer has been assigned to man her and her visitors at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

It’s alleged that Ms Cherono and her two male accomplices, who then managed to flee, broke into a police house and stole valuables among them cash and police uniform.

“Ms Cherono and all the suspects she named are under arrest and have recorded statements to aid police with investigations,” he revealed.

Natembeya also confirmed that investigations have been launched on the police officers and will equally face the law if found culpable.

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