Patel Family donates desks, PS4 station to Endao Primary to boost academic performance

Business family and philanthropists the Patel Family in Solai, Nakuru County on Saturday donated 135 metallic desks to Endaho Primary school.

Perry Kansangra who spoke during the donation noted that education is key in transforming society adding that in the spirit of their fore fathers, the family shall continue to assist schools in the area.

The family said the Corporate Social Responsibility  started by their fore-fathers among them Shantilal Patel and Mansukh Patel will go on for generations to come.

“We were shown this by our father who believed in education and we are doing this as a way of honoring our parents who valued education. We will continue to help schools in this area ad improve the education standards ” he said.

Sentiments echoed Patel Family’s fourth generation Aditya Vicran who vowed to walk in the footprints of the grandparents and parents as far as charitable gestures are concerned.

“This country is developing and as a family we are working together with the community to help improve livelihood through education” said Vicran.

The desks worth over one million shillings will go a long way in ensuring conducive environment for the pupils at the school to study.

Endao Primary Headteacher Erick Kenei and parents commended Patel Family for the gesture adding that the pupils have been suffering due to lack of desks.

“This is a great gesture by the Patel Family.We look forward to improved education standards as the pupils will now be comfortable” said Mr.Kenei.

The event was also attended by area Senior Chief Charles Kiragu who revealed that the Patel Family has been of great impact to the locals.

Kiragu urged locals to maintain peace for prosperity of the area.

“The community here is very grateful for such gesture that the Patel family has been showing. We just call for peaceful co-existence in this area so that more  development can be realized” stated Chief Kiragu.

The Patel Family also donated PS4 Play station to the school.





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