What Rift valley elders want President Kenyatta to do before 2022

Rift valley council of elders Patron Gilbert Kabage has slammed at a section of leaders from Central region for failing in their mandate of delivering to the people.

Addressing media in Nakuru, Kabage said it was wrong for leaders to fail in their mandate and then point an accusing finger to the head of state.

He called on county leaders from Governors to MCAs to ensure they make good use of the resources allocated at county level in developing their various counties.

“Instead of leaders uniting Kenyans and working towards development our leaders at county levels have failed and are now blaming the President. They claim they want more resources yet the little they have they cannot account for” said Kabage.

While noting the ongoing political mood, Kabage warned that the Big 4 agendas should not be forgotten by the leadership of the day.

On the ongoing tussle of 2022 succession politics, the Rift valley council of elders patron is of the opinion that the President who is also the leader of Jubilee party should call a national Jubilee party meeting to address the politics sounding the same.

He added that the regrouping being seen in the country in terms of regions is not good for the ruling party and it now that the head of state should address the same.

“We have the big 4 agendas but from the look of things it is like we have forgotten about them. It is high time the President and his deputy call for national Jubilee party meeting to sort out the tussle” said Kabage.

PHOTO/Nation:Rift Valley council of elders led by Patron Gilbert Kabage at a past media briefing in Nakuru.

Rift Valley elders warn Uhuru over harsh economy facing Kenyans

The Rift Valley Council of elders is now calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to listen to the outcry of Kenyans concerning the high fuel prices and intervene in the situation.

Addressing media in Nakuru led by Patron Gilbert Kabage, the elders say this is not time to implement the 16% VAT on fuel owing to the harsh economic crisis facing Kenyans.

Kabage also slammed the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich for the move he took in the whole situation that has left Kenyans suffering.

“This is not the time to increase tax on fuel as all other commodities will be affected and Kenyans will remain to suffer. We therefore call on President that when he returns from China he signs the amendments passed by Parliament” said Kabage.

According to the Rift Valley Council of elders, Kenya’s economy needs to be stable in order to impose such additional levy on fuel and other commodities.

Meanwhile, the elders have also spoken on the recent visit of British Prime Minister Theresa May into the country saying it may be a boost to the Kenya’s development agenda owing to the discussions they made.

However they are concerned that the issue of Mau Mau fighters did not feature in the talks between the two leaders.

According to the elders, it was the right time for the duo to discuss on the same and the welfare of the fighters whose case was pending at British court.

According to the elders, if the case was thrown out of court as it stands due to the lapse of timelines then the government of Kenya should take the initiative of compensating the fighters who are still alive as well as the families of those who died.

“Our appeal is for the government to look on how it can compensate the freedom fighters since the case was thrown out of court” said Kabage.


PHOTO/Rift Valley council of elders led by Patron Gilbert Kabage at a past Press briefing.

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