Mututho sounds stern warning to those mocking ongoing treatment at Jomec Rehab

Former Nacada Boss John Mututho has slammed at a section of individuals in Nakuru County who have been going around politicizing the treatment being given to the drug and alcohol addicts at his Rehabilitation centre-JOMEC.

Mututho was addressing media on Wednesday concerning a video that went viral on social media purporting that one of the patients at the Jomec Centre was subjected to the removal of some of his body parts including Kidney during treatment.

The Former Nacada Boss refuted such claims adding that he will take stern action against the individuals who were behind the non-factual video tinting the image of Jomec Rehabilitation Centre.

He added that the administrators of the various Whatsap pages that the video was posted will also have to face disciplinary action over the same.

“Those ones who posted on social media on the same I am coming for you because you cannot politicize such a very sensitive matter” said Mututho.

John Kiarie-a patient at Jomec from Turi in Molo Sub County on his part apologized to Kenyans for lying admitting that he was driven into doing same by individuals who bought him alcohol.

He told reporters that since he was not in his own senses he just ended up being taken photos by an individual he identifies as one of the villagers.

Kiarie while refuting the utterances he made in the video stated that there was no any time that his kidney was removed and that the treatment he received from Jomec Rehabilitation centre was okay.

“I was drunk when the individual started asking me questions about Jomec…I am really remorseful and I ask Mheshimiwa Mututho that those people who took the video should be arrested” said Kiarie.

Since its establishment, Jomec has been of great assistance to drugs addicts who have transformed after undergoing treatment.

According to research, there are 8.1 million addicts in Kenya.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Former Nacada Boss John Mututho and one of his patients addressing media at Jomec Rehabilitation Centre.

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