DP allies say BBI rallies causing division in the country

Jubilee leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto have condemned the new angle that BBI sensitization campaigns are taking.

The leaders say they will boldly oppose campaign and vote against it if it will not address the troubles facing the common citizens.

Led by Gatundu south Mp Moses Kuria and his Bahati Counterpart Kimani Ngujiri, the legislators say the direction the campaigns took during the Narok rally has convinced them otherwise and they will not champion for it saying that they are ready to lead from opposition in the country.

“We saw it in Narok and that shows that we are headed in the wrong direction and if that is what BBI is we shall oppose it” they said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Soi Mp Caleb Kositany and former Othaya MP Mary Wambui who insist on the importance of peace in the country.

According to Kositany, there has been zero gradient gained in terms of wealth in any violence.

“We cannot develop when there is no peace in the country and that is why we are saying the BBI rallies should be re-looked at lest they divide the nation” said Kositany.

However, Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui gave a different version of the same urging the leaders to focus on the great content entailed in the BBI report.

Kinyanjui urging politicians to stop being carried away by the side shows that emerged in Narok and focus on what the report will yield.

According to the Nakuru Governor, sentiments of Narok Senator were unfortunate but should not be used by politicians to divert the agenda of BBI.

“As leaders we need to focus on the content of the BBI rather than the sideshows such as what was witnessed in Narok” he said.

The leaders were speaking during the burial service for Wambui Kamotho mother to a prominent Nakuru Based business man Samwel Mwangi at Lanet in Nakuru.

The service was also attended by Deputy President William Ruto.

On his part the DP stating that the government will not whatsoever allow politics of division saying that every Kenyan is free to transact, vie for a position, buy land and do any other legal activity at any corner of the republic of Kenya.

Ruto has said that the government will not sit and watch politics of division while warning those eager on building their political base using politics of shading blood and violence.

“Politics of division have no room in this present Kenya and those who are planning to divide the nation in that line should be warned” said DP.

Preparations on in Solai for the burial of Sergeant Kenei

Preparations for the burial of the late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei are on at his home in Chemasis Solai,Nakuru County.

This even as leaders fault the preliminary report from police investigations into the incident surrounding the death of the officer who worked in Deputy President William Ruto’s office.

According to the leaders who termed the late as a young Kenyan who was committed to serve the country,the circumstances that led to his death must be availed to public.

Addressing media in Solai during a Sunday service for the bereaved family, Eldama-ravine Member of Parliament Moses Lesonet said the death of Kenei should not be taken lightly terming it not a normal death.

The Legislator has called on investigating agencies to do thorough investigations into the matter so that truth can come out.

According to Lesonet, there is high probability the late Sergeant Kenei had insight on the Sh39b gun scandal linked to the DP’s office.

“This is a matter that we want the DCI to take seriousy and ensure justice for the family” said Lesonet.

Other leaders who attended the service included Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis as well as Mogotio MP Daniel Tuitoek.

The two leaders terming the death of the officer as a big blow to residents of Solai who had great hopes in their son.

Nakuru family demand justice over their late son who served in DP’s office

The family of the late John Kipyegon Kenei-an AP officer who was attached to Deputy President are still coming to term with the death of their son.

Addressing media on Friday at their home in Solai, Nakuru County, the family is now pointing accusing finger on government over what befell their son and how they delivered the news to the press without informing the family first.

They say it was wrong for the government to convey the news to the press before informing the family or relatives of the deceased what had transpired.

According to the late Officer’s father John Chesang’, his son had left his home in Solai on Sunday and he was in good health.

The father who could not hide his emotions narrates how he was shocked on Thursday to hear news about his son whom he had had a conversation with on Sunday before he (late son) left for Nairobi.

Chesang is now calling on government to expedite investigation into the alleged suicide.

The father adds that he does not whatsoever believe that his son killed himself and that something must have happened to him ending his 13 years’ service to the country.

“We are still in shock and what we want is for the government to expedite the investigation into the matter” said Chesang’.

Similar sentiments echoed by the deceased’s brother Emmanuel Kenei.

Emmanuel recalls the final moments with his brother on Sunday.

He says “Kipyegon arrived home on Friday and took children for midterm from Baringo and left on Sunday but his phone went out of reach on Tuesday but we only thought he was on busy assignment only to get the shocking news”.

According to Emmanuel, the government should do investigations and ensure it unwind any hidden information in case there is someone who was involved on the death of their brother.

A police vehicle arrives at the scene in Imara Daima Thursday, February 20, where the officer’s body that had a gunshot wound in the head was found on Thursday evening/COURTESY

Government to issue title deeds to families affected by Solai Dam Tragedy

President Uhuru Kenyatta has consoled the families that were affected by the Solai Dam tragedy stating that the government will stand with them during this dark moment.

Speaking on Wednesday when he attended the Interdenominational Memorial and Funeral Service in honor of the 48 Solai dam tragedy victims who perished during the horrific incident, the head of state said it was such a devastating incident.

He said he was saddened by the incident and prayed for quick recovery of survivors of the tragedy.

“I must say I am saddened by the accident and I pray for quick recovery of survivors” he said.

The head of state reiterated that the government will continue to support flooding victims across the country.

In order to address the land issue that might arise after the tragedy, President Kenyatta assured that the government will issue,the Head of State also pledged to issue title deeds to the occupants of the expansive Nyakinyua land, where most of those affected by the Patel dam burst live.

He added that the government will construct a dam in this area to supply residents with clean water.



PHOTO/PSCU:President Uhuru Kenyatta consoles families affected by Solai dam tragedy.

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