Fishing suspended in Barut as government moves to restore sanity

There was drama on the shores of Lake Nakuru in Barut, Nakuru West Sub County after police officers were forced to lob teargas to members of the public following conflict surrounding the management of the fishing activities in the area.

Police officers on the shores of Lake Nakuru in Barut.PHOTO/Manoti.

The police confiscated all the boats that were involved in fishing activities in the area and took them to Kaptembwa Police station.

According to sources, police were acting as per the order from above to confiscate all the boats until the conflict surrounding the fishing activities in the area is addressed.

Area Deputy County Commissioner Elmi Shaffie who visited the scene after the drama failed to comment anything over the same.

Locals have been engaging in fishing activities since the rainy season that occasioned by the swelling of the Lake Nakuru.

However, there has been conflict in terms of management of the fishing activity in the area with two faction groups accusing each other of invading the area.

The community members in Barut claim there has been a group of fishermen from Naivasha who are colluding with some individuals from the community to reap big from the fishing activities in the area.

The members who spoke to this writer on anonymity said the fishing activity in the area should first benefit the locals before anyone can step in.

They pointed an accusing finger to some individuals whom they termed fish brokers who are out to enrich themselves.

“We should be given first priority as locals in this area before brokers can come in” said one of the locals.

It will be recalled that on August 5, 2020 area MP Samuel Arama while in Parliament sought a Ministerial statement with an aim to ensure those who were affected by the flooding are compensated.

Arama while on the floor of the House was very categorical that the locals have gone through a lot of loss occasioned by the perennial flooding from Lake Nakuru.

He added that the locals under the Muungano wa Wana vijiji should be allowed to solely do fishing as is transforming their livelihoods.

“The government should look on how the residents in Nakuru West who were affected by the floods occasioned by Lake Nakuru are compensated” he said.

Human Rights Defenders led Simon Ole Nasieku have lauded MP Arama for stepping in to ensure the rights of the residents are protected.

Nasieku is optimistic that the issue surrounding the fishing activities in Barut-Mwariki will be resolved through dialogue among all leaders.

“We are optimistic that MP Arama will call all leaders from this area so that amicable solution is reached and business can go on” said Nasieku.


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