Nakuru Jubilee official calls on politicians to respect Presidency

Leaders who utter insulting statements meant to demean Presidency as well as women in this country have no moral impetus to represent any Kenyan in any capacity.

Jubilee Party Nakuru Branch Secretary General Mtumishi Cheruiyot says such leaders do not mean good for this nation.

In a statement to newsrooms this morning, the Jubilee official stated that, “their position is below the tables where lichen and moss grow and such disparaging remarks from elected Leaders is uncalled for at this time when the country is headed towards 2022 politics of succession”.

While calling for peace and sobriety among elected leaders, Cheruiyot added that the the reckless and public outburst from some elected leaders is not only unfortunate and primitive but also barbaric.

Jubilee Party Nakuru Branch Secretary General Mtumishi Cheruiyot.PHOTO/Courtesy.

According to the Nakuru Jubilee official, Freedom of Expression comes with limitations and as such all elected leaders must conduct themselves within the confines of the law.

“Freedom of Expression comes with limitations. Tribal epithets tailored to flare up ethnic animosity must be nabbed at the bud stage and its architects brought to book” he said.

He noted that Presidency is symbol of unity that must be respected by all sundry and anyone approaching his throne should do so in humility and not wanton spiteful remarks.

And as the custodian of Jubilee party Branch office in Nakuru, Cheruiyot has vowed to reviewing comments and recommend appropriate sanctions on individuals who promote dissonance in the county.

He has also called on investigating agencies to ensure the comments by MPs Oscar sudi (Kapseret) and Johanna Ng’eno(Emurua Dikiir)  do not  go unpunished.

Ng’eno who was arrested on Monday is still under custody awaiting to know his bail terms on Thursday.


Did David Murathe con SK Macharia off 10 million?

With the news of David Murathe resigning as the Jubilee Party Vice-Chair, it should be noted that it’s not the first time he has written a resignation letter. And the first time he did, he was apparently doing so in bad faith.

In 1998, the then MP for Gatanga wrote to the National Assembly speaker Francis ole Kaparo tendering his resignation as MP. However, before the speaker could declare the post Gatanga parliamentary seat vacant, another letter arrived.

The second letter indicated that the first one was a ingenious forgery. When Murathe was summoned by the Speaker, he stood his ground that he did not fight the first letter. Someone was framing him.

The truth however is that David Murathe had promised Royal Media proprietor SK Macharia that he would resign paving way for Macharia to vie for the seat. It is said that for the resignation, Murathe had received a cool Kshs. 10 million. The cunning Murathe just went behind Macharia’s back rescinding his resignation after pocketing the cash.

The two letters contained David Murathe’s genuine signature and had been authenticated with a lawyer’s stamp. The speaker had acted leniently to the shenanigans only advising him to go and search his conscience. To date, it’s never known whether he repaid the money. This however is in doubt since he has always denied receiving the cash.

Jubilee Vice-chair David Murathe resigns

David Murathe, the Jubilee Party Vice-Chair has resigned from the post.

The former Gatanga MP who lost his seat to Peter Kenneth in 2002 resigned from his post earlier on Sunday saying he couldn’t continue sitting on the Party’s National Executive Council with DP Ruto.

Lately, the MP who was today described as a “political reject” by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has been in the frontline saying that the Deputy President has already served two terms. He has threatened to go to court to block the DP’s Presidential bid.

“Section 148 of the Constitution says nobody can run for Deputy President for more than two terms. And why does it say that? Because Section 142 also says nobody can run for President for more than two terms, and this presidency is a pair,” Murathe is quoted to have said while addressing mourners in Rarienda during the burial of Jubilee Secretary-General, Raphael Tuju’s brother, Kefa Oduor.

“If for whatever reason the president is not able to carry out his functions, who becomes the president?

“Can the President sack the DP? Can he? So in essence, if he automatically becomes President without going for the mandate of the voter, it means he is still riding on the very first mandate they were given as a pair. Then that is why he can’t run again,” argued Murathe.

David Murathe is a close friend of President Uhuru Kenyatta and many are wondering whether he’s echoing the President especially after the infamous March handshake between the President and opposition leader Raila Odinga. In 1998, as MP for Gatanga, David Murathe and Juja MP Stephen Ndichu had offered to vacate their respective seats for Uhuru Kenyatta, just as James Gichuru had vacated for the senior Kenyatta at the dawn of Independence, for him to qualify to be appointed Vice President of Kenya, and hence stand a better chance of succeeding President Moi in 2002.

Just hours before his resignation, Murathe had come under vocal assault from a number of Jubilee legislators.

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