David Kipkemoi Kones – Nakuru County Deputy Governor

DG David Kones

David Kipkemoi Kones is the Nakuru County Deputy Governor under H.E Governor Susan Kihika. The soft-spoken and amiable Deputy Governor is a career teacher, pastor and farmer. He lives in Irongo village in Kiptagich Ward, Kuresoi South Constituency.

Apart from serving the community as a teacher and pastor, the third Nakuru County Deputy Governor is a farmer doing dairy and agro-forestry. He grows tea, avocados and bluegum trees at his farm in Kuresoi.

H.E Deputy Governor David Kones holds a Degree in Education (Mathematics and Geography) and has served in various ranks as a teacher. He rose from being a classroom teacher to head of department before becoming a Deputy Principal and finally a full high school Principal. His last station as a teacher was at Ogiek Sotiki Secondary school.  A school he says he started the school from scratch.

In 2018, David Kones was elected the chairman of the Kuresoi South Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KSSHA). He held the post until 2020. He is also a governing member of the Nakuru County KSSHA. His achievements in the education sector saw him elected the chairman of the Cheptuech Vocational Training Center (VTC) from 2015 to 2018.

DG David Kones is also an entrepreneur. His dream of imparting quality education to the young ones of Kuresoi saw him start a private primary school in his home area. He says the school has had a great impact on society and has consistently posted good results in the national exams.


David Kones appointed running mate
Susan Kihika congratulates David Kones after appointing him the running mate in the August 2022 General elections


The relatively hitherto unknown David Kones was nominated the running mate to Hon. Susan Kihika on 16th May 2022 at an event attended by most of the senior Nakuru County leaders. With his nomination, out of a crowded race of 16 who were eyeing the seat, Mr Kones embarked on the campaigns to win the gubernatorial seat. The dream came true on 12th august 2022 when Governor Susan Kihika was declared the Gubernatorial winner at Nakuru High School.

At his nomination, Governor Susan Kihika described him as a great community mobilizer and educator

Today I unveiled David Kones as my running mate for the gubernatorial seat in the upcoming August elections.

David Kones holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and is a highly trained conflict resolution expert. He is a great community mobilizer and educator from Kiptagich Ward in Kuresoi South.

Congratulations David Kones for being the UDA Deputy Governor Nominee!

 By incorporating his educational background and conflict resolution, we will have formidable leadership in the county. Our Early Childhood Development Education in the whole county is wanting and the incorporation of a man who has a background in education will bring solutions to this sector that forms a strong foundation for our children,” said the Governor about the nominee.

DG David Kones
DG David Kones takes the oath of office
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