Youth leader calls for formation of county steering committee on COVID-19 budget

Nakuru County Youth leader Dan Kimani at a past function.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Nakuru County Youth and Governance Chairman Daniel Kimani has proposed the formation of a County Steering Committee on utilization of the COVID-19 budget.

In an interview, Kimani says the approved formation of ward level committees by the County assembly of Nakuru is a nice idea but then there should be a county steering committee in place to oversight the ward committees.

He says the County Steering Committee will also allow ward committee to utilize the ward money after going through the proposal, besides allowing the procurement of essential goods are done according to the said law.

According to Kimani, the County Steering Committee will also ensure the COVID-19 fund set aside in the budget is well utilized and for the intended purpose and for the target group in society.

“There should be County Steering Committee to oversight the ward committees on matters COVID-19” he said.

The Nakuru County Youth and Governance leader has also proposed a composition of the County Steering Committee on COVID-19 budget where the Governor will be the patron.

Other members as per the proposal include CECM Finance, CECM Health, and Chief Officer for disaster Management, County Youth leader, County Women Leader, PWDs, Religious leader County Commissioner, County Police commander, and Minority Representative.

He says with the composition, then the County government of Nakuru will be able to reach to the expected group up to the village level.

Youth leader lauds county measures on COVID-19

Nakuru County Youth leader Dan Kimani at a past function.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.


Nakuru County Youth and Governance chairman Daniel Kimani has commended  Nakuru county CECM  for health Dr.Gichuki Kariuiki and county Emergency Response team for good work they have been doing in the fight against COVID-19.

In an interview,Kimani said the measures put in place will go long way in addressing the dangers that come with the Corona virus menace.
“As youth we want to commend the CEC Dr.Kariuki and the entire response team for the measures put in place”he said.
He once again insisted that the virus can only be overcome through team.
It’s for this reason the youth leader has appealed on the county government teamo Nakuru and the emergency response team to ensure they work as a team as witnessed in the national team.
“We are calling on the county government to ensure team work as we have seen in the national government. This will help the people of nakuru to have confidence on county team”said Kimani.
The youth leader also calling on residents of Nakuru to maintain high class of hygiene for their own benefits and family.
His sentiments coming when the County Multi-sectoral Committee on COVID-19 on Monday announced the de-congestion of all markets in Nakuru.
A move that the youth leader has welcomed.
“We support Governor Kinyanjui on decogesting markets and also encourage on decogesting matatu stage” he said.
The youth leader has also appealed to the county Committee on COVID-19 to ensure street Children are also no left behind in the fight against corona virus
He says with high population of street Children within Nakuru town,there is need for county to consider providing sanitizers to them as a measure.
“The street children should also not be left behind.  We appeal to the county government to ensure they provide sanitizers to them in town” said Kimani.
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