How ‘more than a clap’ campaign is impacting lives amidst COVID-19

Healthcare workers at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital having breakfast courtesy Nakuru Creative Economy Structure in partnership with legacy Hotel.PHOTO/Real Salsa Ntonyinyo.

Even as the goverment puts in place several measures to avert spread of COVID-19,one individual in Nakuru is to be commended for the good gesture he has continued to show towards frontline workers as well as the needy in society.

James Mwaviswa-the Secretary Creative Economy Structure Nakuru has been reaching out to partners to ensure health workers at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital get breakfast served.

He has also been able to reach out to needy families with baskets of food.

When this writer caught up with him,James says he took the initiative under the campaign ‘more than just a clap’ to ensure the frontline workers are appreciated too and the needy in society have something on the table.

“With the COVID-19,we saw it wise to reach out to the frontline workers such as the medics and also the needy in society and this has been made possible through partnerships” he said.

Under the initiative,25 individual needy families have been reached.

The healthcare workers at the Nakuru Level 5 COVID-19 centre were also treated to a 3 days breakfast courtesy partnership with the Legacy Hotel.

James commonly known as ‘Real Salsa Ntonyinyo’ on social platforms says this is just to appreciate the work the healthcare workers are doing especially during this time of COVID-19.

“We thought the healthcare workers deserve more than a clap and that is why we partnered with the Legacy Hotel to ensure they had breakfast.

He says the breakfast was also a binding session of the health workers from various departments whom due to the busyness they were not meeting.

The campaign ‘More than a clap’ has also seen  the team reach out to police officers.

    James Mwaviswa shares breakfast with police officers at Bondeni,Nakuru East.PHOTO/Real Salsa Ntonyinyo.

According to James,police officers just like other human beings are also working under pressure especially with the COVID-19 and curfew in place.

This was made possible through a partnership with Tobias Foundation.

“We have reached out to Bondeni Police ,Central and Mwariki police as well as at the Regional headquarters in Nakuru East”said James.

His appeal is to the members of the public to continue embracing good relation with police officers.

This,he says will enhance the police officers’ service and avert issues of brutality.



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