Youthful Nakuru MCA declares interest for higher seat come 2022

Naivasha’s Lake View Ward MCA Peter Karanja Mburu has finally revealed his interests for a higher seat in Nakuru come 2022.

As quoted by Nation, the first time vocal Member of the Nakuru County assembly says he will be going for a higher seat in order to serve the people of Nakuru better.

It is however not clear which seat the youthful MCA will be going for though there are speculations from certain quotas that the MCA might go for the Nakuru Senatorial.

The Nakuru Senatorial is currently being held by Senator Susan Kihika who has also declared interest in Nakuru Gubernatorial seat come 2022.

Other quotas also say the vocal MCA might go for the Naivasha Parliamentary seat that is currently being held by Jane Kihara. It will be recalled that Mburu in the 2017 general election trounced Mr Simon Wanyoike Wanango.

The first time MCA is currently rated as the most vocal ward representative in the current Nakuru County Assembly. The many bills and motions he has sponsored have seen him earn the respect of Nakuru residents.

The youthful MCA is also development conscious and at many a time, he has been seen as a great critic of Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui when it comes to matters of the citizens and development. Among Bills he has sponsored include one aimed at establishing a disaster management fund.

He is also the brain behind the opening up of the Lake Naivasha corridors after he sponsored a motion on the same. He has also sponsored a bill that saw the digitization of building plans in Nakuru County.

The recent motion he sponsored on NHIF will see the less privileged in Nakuru County enjoy free National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) medical cover.

The motion has already been adopted by the county assembly and will see the county government compelled to start identifying the beneficiaries at the ward level.

“MCAs are always called upon to raise funds to offset hospital bills for the poor. The county government should set aside funds to provide free medical cover through NHIF for poor residents,” said Mr Mburu as quoted by Nation.

Karanja Mburu is a graduate from St.Paul’s University in Business Administration and management and the soft-spoken Lake View Ward MCA believes true leadership is transforming the lives of the people.

He is currently the chairperson of Disaster Management Committee in the Nakuru County Assembly and in an earlier interview with this writer, he says he is determined to bring change through leadership that ensures improved infrastructure, medical facilities as well as boost the education standards.

Two years since he was elected, Karanja has been able to sponsor 12 needy students through full scholarship courtesy of his foundation, friends and Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Eng Joel Maina Kairu.

He has also been able to sponsor 400 carpenters to have National Construction Authority (NCA) cards which cost Sh1,200 each. For the fishermen in Naivasha, the MCA is in the process of developing more fish hatcheries to empower them.

Youths have not been left out as three teams have been sponsored among them Kihoto FC (County League), Pipeline Team (Sub-county league) and Superstar FC from Kayole (Sub-county league).

He is also appealing to the county government of Nakuru to consider development in Naivasha Sub County.

According to him, the sub-county has been forgotten when it comes to matters development despite having contributed a lot in terms of revenue collection.

Nakuru gender Report to address gaps in service delivery, says consultant

A draft gender Audit Report in relation to service delivery by the county government of Nakuru is at its validation stage.

The report was done after a research carried out by Global Consultants Ltd in partnership with the Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good governance-CEDGG,Legal Resources Foundation, Nakuru Residents Associations, and County government of Nakuru.

The Report through its findings and recommendations is aimed at improving service delivery in Nakuru by coming up with a coherent gender policy to address the gaps in service delivery in Nakuru county.

The report focused on various areas among them; Poverty reduction and economic empowerment, Access to equal and quality education and training, access to quality and affordable health, violence against women/ gender based violence, as well as equitable Participation in power and decision-making.

Other areas are; Institutional mechanisms for gender equality, gender and human rights, strengthening gender equality through media, gender mainstreaming in environmental conservation, and Girl/Boy child.

The report in its recommendations is proposing the need to develop, enact and implement gender mainstreaming policy through the gender department and county assembly of Nakuru as well as capacity building for gender mainstreaming and awareness.

Ms Njeri Muhia-lead consultant at Global Consultants Ltd which played key role in coming up with the report says the report is paramount in gender mainstreaming, implementation of the current County Integrated Development Plan-CIDP and all the policies.

She says the survey was carried out for a period of 7 months interacting with all stakeholders in various departments as well as public on the gender mainstreaming as a requirement from the national government.

“In coming up with the report, a survey was carried out for a period of 7 months interacting with all stakeholders in various departments as well as public on the gender mainstreaming as a requirement from the national government” said Ms Muhia.

According to Ms Muhia, the report is paramount for the county government of Nakuru as it will assist in the review of the Gender Bill that is before the county assembly towards streamlining gender based activities in Nakuru.

With the formation of a technical working group on the same, Ms Muhia stated that they will now move with speed to sensitize the county executive as well as the county assembly on the need to implement the same.

“We have formed a team at the end of the day that is going to generate a roadmap for moving the gender mainstreaming forward. Next step is to sensitize the executive and the county assembly on why we should be able to implement the gender mainstreaming as is required of us” she said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Nakuru County Director Gender Department Ms Alice Gikonde  She lauded the move saying it will help a lot in addressing gender issue within the county through a gender policy.

“This is a paramount step in addressing gender issues within the county” said Ms Gikonde.

Masese Kemunche from Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good governance who spoke on Friday during a workshop on the same commended the County government of Nakuru for collaborating through gender and social department.

While noting that Gender was a global issue, the CEDGG  Programs Manager was categorical that formulation of coherent gender policy would play key role in addressing gender issues surrounding service delivery in Nakuru County.

“Gender is a global issue and the formulation of coherent gender policy would play key role in addressing gender issues surrounding service delivery in Nakuru County” said Masese.

Earlier on during her opening remarks, Nakuru County Chief Officer Gender, Youth, Culture and Social Services Ms Tume Abduba noted that gender parity was still a challenge not only in counties but also in National government.

She however lauded the report saying its findings will inform decisions at the county level.While noting that a Bill drafted in 2014 at the county assembly has never been passed, Ms Abduba stated that is shall be reviewed and the policy on gender will be key.

She also called for need to sensitize the executive on the issues of gender so that special fund can be set up to help in addressing gender issues.

“Bill drafted in 2014 at the county assembly has never been passed but we hope with this development it shall be reviewed, passed and implemented.

The workshop was also attended by Nakuru County assembly committee on Gender who vowed to work closely to see to it that the gender policy is in place.

PHOTO/KMYDO:CEDGG  Programs Manager Paul Masese Kemunche addressing workshop to validate a draft gender Audit Report in relation to service delivery by the county government of Nakuru.

Nakuru MCAs pass motion compelling investors to open up corridors at Lake Naivasha

The Nakuru county Assembly on Tuesday afternoon passed a motion seeking the county government through the department of Planning, Trade and Tourism to compel hotels and other private investors to open corridors at Lake Naivasha for the public.

The motion was moved by Hon Karanja Mburu of Lake View ward said members of the public are forced to travel more than 30KM to access the lake yet there is an easy avenue of less than 1km which has been blocked by hotels.

“It is high time the county government moved in and cleared the corridors which have been invaded by the ‘private developers” said MCA Mburu.

Majority Leader Hon. Stanly Karanja noted that the lake was a Natural resource which ought to be enjoyed by all members of the public put not specific lot.

Karanja who is also the MCA for Naivasha East said the passage of the motion is paramount as it will ensure access to the Lake Naivasha.

“We have passed a motion that will see hotels and other private investors compelled to open corridors at Lake Naivasha for the public” said MCA Karanja.

The Majority leader in the county assembly of Nakuru also called on Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to move with speed and take up the motion to the senate and ensure it sails through just the same way the Senator has been active on the Solai issue.

He added that the county assembly of Nakuru will not relent in ensuring all corridors at Lake Naivasha are opened for the public.“We are also calling on Senator Nakuru county to ensure the same is taken to Senate and passed.

As Nakuru MCAs we shall not sit back and watch as our people are mistreated” he said.


PHOTO/Hivisasa:Nakuru county assembly.

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