How much has Nakuru County set aside to fight Covid-19?

Three weeks ago, 8th April 2020, the County Assembly of Nakuru passed the second supplementary for the 2019/20 financial year.

The supplementary budget totalling 645 million will go towards dealing with Covid-19 pandemic, mitigate against the invasion by desert locusts and the installation of high mast streetlights (mulika mwizi) in various parts of the county.

Out of the 645 million, Kshs. 310,000,000 was put into the anti-Covid-19 kitty. These funds are meant to offer assistance to those affected directly or indirectly from the coronavirus. In addition, the funds will be used to improve health facilities and provide personal protective equipment (PPEs) to the health workers in the frontline against covid-19.

Covid-19 was declared a global emergency on 30th January 2020 and a pandemic by the World Health Organization on 11th March 2020. Nakuru has so far reported two positive cases who have since recovered.

How the Kshs. 310,000,000 was shared

Out of the 310 million, 20 million has been set aside as a county emergency fund. Should any emergency arise during this Covid-19 period, these will be the funds that will go towards dealing with this.

A further 30,000,000 was retained in the office of the governor. These are the funds that the governor has been using to provide food and other essentials to the affected individuals and other vulnerable groups in the last weeks. The funds are specifically for the provision of humanitarian aid and food assistance.

Allocation to the Governor's office
Governor uses part of the 30 mil allocation

A total of 250,000,000 will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable families in the wards. Of these, 205 Million will be shared equally among the 55 wards while the extra 45 million will be shared between 34 wards considered to be most affected. The MCAs and their ward committees have been put to be in-charge of these funds. There is also a County Assembly committee overseeing these funds.

The targeted beneficiaries for this humanitarian assistance include those living in various slum areas in Nakuru and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are still living in camps.

The funds are also meant to help those who have been rendered jobless due to the coronavirus epidemic. They include those who work in various flower farms across the county, Delamare farmworkers and tea farmworkers within the county.

The remaining Kshs. 10,000,000 out of the 310 million will be used to mitigate against the desert locusts invasion.

Covid-19 allocation per ward

WardAllocationAffected employees
Nyota5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Sirikwa5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Malewa5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Eburru/Mabaruk5,200,000Delamere Farm Workers
Murindati5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Gilgil5,200,000IDP Camps
Elburgon5,200,000Slum area residents
Molo5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Turi5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Njoro5,200,000Flower Farm workers
Mau Narok5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Nessuit5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Kaptembwo5,200,000Slum dwellers
London5,200,000Slum dwellers
Rhoda5,200,000Slum dwellers
Keringet5,200,000Flower Farm workers
Kiptagich5,200,000IDPs, Tea Pickers
Mosop5,200,000Flower Farm workers
Soin5,200,000Flower Farm Workers & IDPs
Menengai West3,700,000
Viwandani5,200,000Slum area residents
Biashara (Nvs)5,200,000Flower Farm workers
Hells Gate5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Maiella5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Ol’Karia5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Naivasha East3,700,000
Lakeview5,200,000Slum area residents
Maai Mahiu5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Nakuru East5,200,000Slum area residents
Menengai East3,700,000
Flamingo5,200,000Slum area residents
Biashara (Town East)5,200,000Slum area residents
Kivumbini5,200,000Slum area residents
Kabazi5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Subukia5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Bahati5,200,000Flower Farm Workers
Lanet Umoja3,700,000
Kiamaina5,200,000Sand harvesters

Allocations to the Health Department – 150,000,000

The supplementary budget also gave an extra Kshs. 150,000,000 to the Nakuru County health department. Out of this, 40 million will be used for the purchase of PPEs including masks, gowns, disinfectants and detergents. Drugs worth 48 million are also set to be bought.

To facilitate the movement of persons involved in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, 3.9 million will be spent while 10 million will cater for the training of health facility workers and community health workers on how to deal with the coronavirus.

While 3.7 million goes to the purchase of medical equipment, 43.1 million will be used to recruit (on contract basis) extra health workers.

COVID-19; 29 new cases,2 among them from Nakuru

The press statement from Nakuru County Health Department.PHOTO/NGPU.

It has been confirmed that 2 out of the 29 new confirmed cases of corona virus announced by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe are from Nakuru.

Nakuru County CEC member for health Dr.Kariuki Gichuki in a statement confirmed the same.

He said the two were in Nakuru county isolation facility.

“We wish to inform the public that two people who were in our isolation facility have tested positive for COVID-19.They are among the 29 new cases announced today” read the statement from the CEC.

He was however quick to note that Nakuru County government through the Department of health has taken the appropriate measures to trace persons who were in contact with the patients.

The two patients are under management in the county facility.

The CEC adding that the county surveillance team will continue to monitor COVID-19 across the county.

Once again he appealed to Nakuru residents to continue following the instructions and guidelines issued concerning prevention of COVID-19.

Kinyanjui calls on KRA to moderate their approach to taxation due to COVID-19

Governor Lee Kinyanjui addressing media on the cancelled Nakuru BBI rally
Governor Lee Kinyanjui at a past media address.PHOTO/NGPU.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has appealed to the Kenya Revenue Authority to borrow a leaf form President Uhuru Kenyatta’s gesture and moderate their approach to taxation.

In a statement to Newsrooms immediately after the Statehouse briefing on Wednesday,Kinyanjui said the tax issue should be looked into especially during this difficult time.

According to Kinyanjui, KRA has had a harsh approach to business people

“We hope that KRA will borrow a leaf from the President’s gesture and moderate their approach to taxation. We hope to witness a change in their harsh and terror-like approach to business people”said Kinyanjui.

He added that the realization that taxation grows along with the economy and that when businesses close, they pay no tax, is critical to forging a new beginning.

He commended President Kenyatta for the measures taken on economy duirng this harsh time of COVID-19.

“We salute the economic interventions announced by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta to cushion businesses and individuals in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic” said Kinyanjui.

Kinyanjui says the measures are well thought and geared towards the protection of the economy at these difficult times.

In particular,he lauded the reduction on VAT saying it will go a long way to protect ailing businesses and reduce cost of living.

“These are pro-business proposals that reflect government’s commitment to the economy.Without a helping hand from government and its agencies, many businesses will close and more people will sink into unemployment and poverty. The consequences of such an eventuality would be unthinkable” he said.


Police to enforce anti-COVID-19 public health measures

The Nakuru Department of Health has so far trained 200 police officers on COVID-19 prevention and response.

Saturday’s training targeted police officers from all the police stations in Nakuru Town East sub-County, their traffic counterparts and station commanders. The training was carried out at Nakuru’s Old Town Hall.

Police officers are among the people at high risk of contracting the novel Coronavirus and the training equips them with personal preventive measures.

The officers are also expected to enforce measures put in place by the national and county governments to curb the coronavirus spread.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has categorically stated that other measures will be applied in the unlikely event the Coronavirus hits Nakuru County.

Public Health CO Mr Samuel King’ori commended the police officers for their cooperation in risk assessment and management on the COVID-19 threat.

“The County Government of Nakuru has lined up COVID-19 training sessions to various groups such as community health workers and volunteers,” said Mr King’ori.

He added that the Department of Health will from Monday disinfect all public places such as markets, bus parks, gardens and walkways among other areas.

The County Government of Nakuru has dedicated 0724 320 853 and 0722 337 018 for residents to report suspected Covid-19 cases.

Nakuru CHVs decry neglect by government in sensitization of public on COVID-19

Nakuru East CHVs addressing media at Kamkunji grounds in Bondeni.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Community Health Volunteers-CHVs in Nakuru East Sub county of Nakuru have faulted the county government of Nakuru for not engaging them in the fight against the Corona Virus.

Addressing media at Kamkunji grounds in Bondeni on Saturday morning, the CHVs led by Mr. Francis Shinali said they were surprised that the government was putting measures in place but forgetting about the CHVs who play key role in society.

According to them, the county government of Nakuru has put more focus on medical practitioners and security team yet leaving behind the CHVs who interact with the citizens more at grassroot level.

They wondered why the Nyumba Kumi clusters who deal with less households were being considered for trainings yet the who CHVs deal with over 300 households are left out in the training programs.

Mr.Shinali adding that they have received several questions from concerned citizens over the Corona virus issue.

It  is for this reason that the CHVs have called on the County Government of Nakuru through the Health Department to ensure all CHVs are included in the trainings on corona virus.

They say this will go a long way in ensuring that there is proper sensitization of the public on the DOs and DON’Ts as far as the Corona virus is concerned.

“We are calling on the county government of Nakuru to ensure they train all CHVs so that they can assist in the fight against Corona virus for we are the first people who interact with the community” said Shinali.

Similar sentiments echoed by Baharini Residents’ Association Chairman Maurice Otieno who is also a CHV.

He says the county government of Nakuru should adhere to the structure that was there from defunct Council concerning CHVs who play critical role at the community o matters health and sanitation.

“Let the county government adhere to the structure that was there where CHVs were respected as per the critical role they play in the community” said Otieno.

On her part Celestine Owino stating that CHVs have had a lot of challenges in slums with the county government of Nakuru showing no concern.

She says if the County government of Nakuru can take the CHVs through training on corona then they will be able to boost sensitization for the members of the public on the same.

“The county government has not come down to the grassroot level to sensitize the CHVs on this corona virus issue yet we continue to interact with the community” said Ms Owino.

The CHVs also calling on the County Government of Nakuru to ensure that slum areas have enough water supply so as to ensure high standards of hygiene.

CHVs are members of the community, nominated from within, who are tasked with improving the community’s health and well-being and linking individuals to primary health care services.

Despite the work done by this group of people, the government is yet to appreciate them with some going through financial strains.


Stern warning issued to individuals propagating false information on COVID-19

PHOTO/NGPU:Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui at a past media address.

The county government of Nakuru has sounded a stern warning to those propagating unofficial information on corona virus.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Tuesday afternoon, Governor Lee Kinyanjui said the county will not take it lightly on individuals who keep on sharing alarming messages and speculations on social media.

He said they will liaise with the security team to ensure such individuals are dealt with to avert creating unnecessary panic among members of the public.

“We caution the public that unofficial and speculative information can render more harm than good. As a county we will not take it lightly and together with the security team we shall ensure that such individuals are dealt with” said Kinyanjui.

Meanwhile, there is no single confirmed case of Corona virus in Nakuru County.

According to Governor Kinyanjui, COVID-19 test results for two people who were in Nakuru’s quarantine facility turned negative with result of one more person expected on Wednesday.

“We wish to inform the public that COVID-19 test results for two people in our quarantine facility are negative. We will make public the results of one more person once we receive them.

The two people who were referred to our facility from Baringo County were examined and did not meet the case definition for them to be put under quarantine” said Kinyanjui.

The two were referred back to Baringo for self-quarantine and will be monitored during this period.

The county boss calling on members of the public to ensure they play their role in ensuring survival of mankind.

“We all have an opportunity to contribute to the survival of mankind through adherence to set procedures” said Kinyanjui.

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