Mututho calls on Governor Kinyanjui to roll out food program for the vulnerable

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho addressing media at his Jomec Rehab. [Source/Pristone Mambili]
Former Naivasha MP John Mututho has called on the county government of Nakuru to roll out food program for  the vulnerable during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Through a phone interview,Mututho said groups such as street children,the elderly,the IDPs,orphans,and the commercial sex workers in Nakuru town need to be supported.

He says the groups are residents of Nakuru and should be supported during this time when the country is facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says the county food distribution program for the vulnerable should should also be entrusted in the hands of very honest persons.

This,he says will ensure that the food reaches the target group and not the greedy in society who might use the opportunity to satisfy their own interests.

“My appeal to Governor Kinyanjui is for us not to wait for the National Government to act.This is the time that he needs to roll out the food program for the most vulnerable groups” said Mututho.

His sentiments coming a time when Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has hinted of a possible lockdown.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Friday,the governor was categorical that the curfew might not help much in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

He appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to consider declaring a total Lockdown.


Nakuru county to roll out humanitarian food program

The county government of Nakuru has announced that it will be rolling out relieve food program to support livelihoods during this harsh economic times occasioned by COVID-19.

Addressing media after holding a meeting with the County emergency response team on Covid-19,Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said the county government will give Sh 250 million towards the same.

He however was quick to add that they will be working with well wishers and private sector to ensure families that cannot afford meals will be able to get something during this difficult moment.
“The county government together with private sector will be launching humanitarian food support program to help livelihoods.
Kinyanjui adding that a committee will be formed to spearhead the same.
The humanitarian support food program will target mostly low income areas of Nakuru town.
On the recent imposed dusk-to dawn curfew,G Kinyanjui commended the residents of Nakuru for complying with the same.

He once again appealed to the residents to appreciate that the curfew is in their best interests.


“We call on public to appreciate that it’s in their best interest.We are working with employers to ensure compliance.
While noting the economic harsh time facing Kenyans and more so those who depended on flower farms such as Naivasha and parts of Njoro,the county boss said as county they are concerned and will be looking for mechanisms to promote livelihoods.
He added that the same is being felt in the hotel sector which is largely affected with staff being sent home.
Meanwhile,the county government of Nakuru will enhance We are  isolation centers.
Governor Kinyanjui says this includes ensuring that they are humane to ensure no more suffering from stigma.
He says counseling will also be included on the same where volunteer  counselors will provide the services.
While noting that the virus had been confirmed in 5 counties so far,the Governor Kinyanjui said Nakuru county continues to stand  in solidarity with them.
He however stated that the county government as a measure will ensure restrictions in movement from such counties.
Kinyanjui adding that there will be screening at borders for those entering Nakuru.
“We are quiet concerned that we restrict the movement from the affected counties.We shall work with counties from Western region to ensure screening before entering Nakuru.
Meanwhile County executive will soon push the county assembly of Nakuru to pass a budget that will help relieve the residents.
He says there are many businesses in Nakuru and the county is concerned about their success since they help in terms of revenue collection.
“We are concerned and we shall ensure survival of the businesses beyond COVID-19” he said.
On his part Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui reiterated that the curfew is for the best interests of the citizens.
He noted that the curfew is being complied to apart from a few areas of Bondeni and Racecourse.
“We have had challenges in Bondeni and some parts of  Nakuru West. but we can confirm to you majority of residents are complying” he said.
The county Commissioner calling on youths to ensure they comply with the curfew.
He revealed that Roadblocks will be mounted and crackdown on vehicles operating within the curfew times.

COVID-19:County to offer counseling to those under quarantine and isolation

Nakuru Health CECM Dr.Gichuki Kariuki.PHOTO/NGPU.

All persons under quarantine and isolation in Nakuru County due to the COVID-19 will receive counseling form the county government of Nakuru.

This according to the statement released by the County CEC member for Health Dr.Gichuki Kariuki.

The CEC member was responding after one person who was under quarantine at the Kenya Industrial Training-KITI quarantine center in Nakuru passed away.

Initial police investigations attributed the death to suicide.

The CEC member says in the statement that the lady is said to have jetted into the country on March 25, 2020 form a country with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

She was then taken to KITI quarantine center as per the national government’s directive that all in-bound passengers to Kenya undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine to avert the spread of COVID-19.

It is for this reason that the County Government of Nakuru through the Department of Health has declared that all persons under quarantine and isolation will receive counseling services.

“The County department of health will continue to provide counseling services to all those under quarantine and in isolation centers” read the statement from the CEC.

Nakuru County is using the Kenya Industrial Training-KITI as the County quarantine center.

This even as the dusk to dawn curfew enters day two today with the first day already witnessed cases of police brutality on Kenyans.

Meanwhile, the government has began the distribution of free sanitizers countrywide as part of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus that has killed one person and infected 30 others.

The sanitizers labeled “Not for Sale” will be available at the Deputy County Commissioners’ and Chiefs’ offices countrywide where Kenyans are required to collect them.

The government said it decided to produce the free sanitizers whose prices skyrocketed due to demand.

East African Breweries Limited is among firms that undertook to distribute the sanitizers to the public after production by Haco Industries.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has imposed a night curfew that starts from 7pm to 5am, from Friday, in measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said, their investigation had shown that Kenyans were violating the ministry’s regulations more at night that during the day.

LSK Rift Valley branch condemn police brutality in the enforcement of curfew

The Rift valley Law Society of Kenya has strongly condemned the excessive use of force by police officers during day one (Friday) of the dusk to dawn Curfew decreed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Lawyers say this is uncalled for during this dispensation of the news constitution of Kenya 2010.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Saturday Morning led by Rift valley Law Society of Kenya President John Ochang’, they said they were disturbed by the behaviour of the police officers towards innocent Kenyans.

They say the officers could have used non-violent rules first rather than engaging innocent Kenyans in brutal ways yet there are guidelines to be followed.

“We condemn the brutality by force and excessive use of force. As a law society we are very disturbed that the police could behave that way yet they have the guidelines. The force used cannot be justified and we condemn it and call for action.” said Ochang’.

They argued that if what was witnessed on Friday night during the curfew is what will go on, then it is a situation where the criminal justice system has been left to the police.

While noting that the fight against the spread of coronavirus is a collective responsibility, the Rift valley Law Society of Kenya said the police should not use the powers given to them to brutalize innocent Kenyans.

The society argues that police behaviour is a challenge and threat in containing the situation on Corona.

They added that the police behaviour towards citizens is a challenge and threat in containing the situation on Corona in the country.

According to the Lawyers, police officers who are enforcing the government directives have no protective gears contrary to the WHO guidelines.

“We all have a collective responsibility but the police should not use this as an avenue to brutalize Kenyans” said Ochang’.

On the arrests being made, the Rift valley LSK says should be made and the culprits given police bail and a date in court when things normalize.

Meanwhile, the law body has also differed with Chief Justice David Maraga on the closure of all operations in courts.

They say this should be revisited to allow some courts to operate as long as there is adherence to the social distancing guidelines as per the Ministry of Health and WHO guidelines.

“This idea of closing down courts should be revisited. The CJ should allow some courts to operate so as to ensure justice and checks on some of the officers. The Judiciary as a protector of the law and justice should not have been closed. We urge CJ to ensure some courts are in operation.


KEMSA boosts county in the fight against corona virus

A display of the consignment.PHOTO/NGPU

The  County government of Nakuru has secured a consignment of  additional personal protective equipment against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The consignment  was procured from the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency by the Department of Health in a move to upscale COVID-19 pandemic preparedness.

The N95 respirator masks, face shields and gloves will be distributed to County COVID-19 isolation facilities at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital and Naivasha sub-County Referral Hospital.

Speaking when he received equipment,Public Health CO Samuel King’ori said training of various groups on the COVID-19 surveillance and prevention measures is underway in various sub-Counties.

“This is a boost in terms of preparedness and we are already training various groups on surveillance in various sub counties”said King’ori.

On his part KEMSA-Rift Valley regional manager Mr Daniel Mwangi commending the County Government of Nakuru for the good working relationship with KEMSA and the same will extend in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that other already procured equipment and pharmaceuticals will be delivered in a few days time.

He urgedNakuru County residents to adhere to set guidelines.

The County Government of Nakuru has dedicated 0724 320 853 and 0722 337 018 for residents to report suspected COVID-19 cases.


No case of COVID-19 in Nakuru, confirms health CECM

Nakuru Health CECM Dr.Gichuki Kariuki.PHOTO/NGPU.

The county Government of Nakuru has once again assured residents that there is no any single confirmed positive case of corona virus in Nakuru.

Addressing media on Saturday, Nakuru County CEC member for Health Doctor Gichuki Kariuki stated that all the three suspected cases that were at Nakuru Level 5 facility have all been tested negative.

He added that already they have been discharged from the facility.

“We want to confirm to the public that the test results of the remaining suspected cases at our isolation ward have turned negative and we have discharged them meaning there is no single positive case of corona virus in Nakuru” said Dr.Gichuki.

He once again called on members of the public to continue observing all the directives issued by the government.

The CEC commending members of the public for the continued support to the Ministry through the emergency numbers issued where they can report.

The CECM’s sentiments coming a time when the Kenya’s Ambassador to China Sarah Serem has conveyed a message of hope and encouragement to her compatriots as country held a national prayer day to seek divine intervention with the Ministry of Health having confirmed seven cases of corona virus so far.

In a video statement posted online, the envoy said Kenyans residing in China are safe and in good health.

“We have come a long way here in China, we are glad to announce that none of our citizens was infected by the deadly virus. We are grateful to the Almighty God for bringing us this far.”

“Fellow Kenyans, it is possible to subdue this deadly virus; China is almost there and I am confident that we can and we will overcome,” she said on Saturday.

Serem said the situation in China had totally changed after the government implemented stringent prevention measures aimed at realizing goals to stabilize and turn around the state of affairs.

China on Thursday marked a major milestone in its battle against the corona virus pandemic as it recorded zero domestic infections for the first time since the outbreak emerged late December, but a spike in imported cases threatened its progress.

The global pandemic had as at Saturday claimed 11,056 lives with African reporting the second death.

There are 900 cases in Africa.






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