County keen on boosting coffee farming and production

In a bid to increase coffee farming and production, the County Government of Nakuru has started distributing free coffee tree seedlings to farmers across the county.

Already 50 farmers in Visoi ward will benefit from 5,600 coffee tree seedlings, Batian Variety, with each getting 100 seedlings.

Currently, Nakuru County contributes to about 2% of the total national coffee production nationally.

According to  Agriculture Chief Officer, Mr. Kibet Maina , the new coffee variety will lower the cost of farming and production for farmers as it is highly resistant to diseases.

Mr Maina said the County is looking to increase coffee production of small scale farmers from an average of 3kgs per tree to about 10 kgs through training of farmers on husbandry- feed and care.

Special attention will also be given to the quality of coffee, hence the county’s plan to distribute two pulping machines to improve the quality of coffee produced.

Branding of Nakuru coffee will also be undertaken to help farmers access local and international markets .

Last year about 50,000 seedlings were distributed to Bahati and Subukia sub counties farmers .

Currently, there are 7 coffee cooperative societies in the county and coffee is grown in Bahati, Subukia, and Rongai sub counties.

The county government of Nakuru has been urging its farmers to diversify their activities by venturing into the cultivation of other crops like pyrethrum,avocados, macadamia among others.


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