Nakuru clerics launch mass distribution of face masks to transport,market sectors

A display of a face mask.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Religious leaders in Nakuru have launched mass distribution of face masks to the transport and market sectors within the county.

They says they have taken up the measure to ensure awareness campaign against the spread of Covid-19.
The clergy have maintained that they have an obligation as an institution to be able to protect society by equipping them with proper wears adding that the fight must be won with contributions from all parties.
Led by Nakuru Church Elders’ Council Chairman Apostle Sammy Ngahu, he said they want to compliment the government’s efforts by educating locals on the importance of proper hygiene.
“By distributing the masks to the crucial sectors in the society it will go a long way in ensuring the virus is easily contained and allow proper surveillance by the government on those infected” he said.
Ngahu added that they will partner with the county government in putting together a committee for food distribution to the informal settlements and the needy in the society who have been affected.
Similar sentiments echoed by Rev. Elijah Mwangi who called on the government to reveal the numbers of people currently in isolation throughout the country so that they can be counseled by the church saying being secluded is not easy.
“It’s high time the government reveals the numbers of people currently in isolation throughout the country so that they can be counseled by the church.Being secluded is not easy” said Rev.Mwangi.
The religious leader adding that they have launched psycho-social support as one way of ensuring persons who have been infected do not lose hope while in the wards.
According to him,the same scenario is being reflected among many Kenyans with the closure of businesses.


He says the church has a responsibility to inform its congregants and Kenyans of the seriousness the virus poses adding that the initiative will is also be educative. 

On his part Pastor Alex Maina condemned Xenophobic attacks of Africans by a section of the Chinese community who were forcing them out of their homes and premises saying the world should unite and stop victimization.
“The move is uncalled for and the Chinese government should intervene and make arrests.The fight against the pandemic has to be won by embracing each other” said Pastor Maina.
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