AIPCA Bishop appeals to President Kenyatta to re-open churches

AIPCA Bishop Naftaly Thuku.PHOTO/Courtesy.

AIPCA Bishop Naftaly Thuku has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to listen to the cry of Christians and reopen churches.

Speaking a day after government announced the re-opening of restaurants,Bishop Naftaly says the goverment should also consider re-opening churches.

According to the AIPCA Bishop,the church has key role in shaping the morals in the society hence should be allowed to operate.

The clergy is proposing that the churches be re-opened but with restrictions on the capacity of members who can worship every Sunday to avert spread of the COVID-19.

He gave an example that a church with a capacity of  500 members can have 200 members who will observe social distancing.

He added that churches are a habitation of oprhans,widows and e even the disabled who are supported by the little finances that churches get hence continued shut down is also a threat to the Livelihoods of the same.

“We are appealing to our President that just the same way the restaurants have been allowed to operate,let the church also be allowed even if it means guidelines in place so that we can pray for this nation” said Bishop Naftaly.

He also was quick to refute claims that religious leaders want the churches to re-open because of the offerings.

According to Bishop Naftaly,not all religious leaders are greedy.

He says there are true leaders who were called to serve and propel the Gospel and they mean it in calling for re-opening of the churches.

The clergy adds that Kenya was founded on spiritual foundation which should never be shaken.

He has reiterated that the President should make an announcement that will see churches re-opened so that Christians can continue to pray for the restoration of the nation.

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