Charity Organisation, Business Accreditation

CESRA is giving you an opportunity to have your business or charity accredited. Business Accreditation builds trust with your potential clients and business partners as it portrays you care about best practices.


CESRA SEAL OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE is an accreditation given to businesses in Kenya that are committed towards maintaining a high-level of Best practice and customer practice.

CESRA Business Accreditation
CESRA Business Accreditation

This Accreditation Program is intended to encourage companies in Kenya to improve on the following service areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Environment
  3. Labour Relations
  4. Community Relations
  5. Business Environment.



CESRA Charity Accreditation logo
CESRA Charity Accreditation logo

Not only CESRA cares about Best Practice in companies but it also cares about accountability in charitable organizations in Kenya. The CESRA Seal of Charitable Excellence gives an opportunity to charities to attract CSR practitioners who are seeking only charities that are accredited in our website platform.  The Charity accreditation program shows that your organization has been evaluated by CSR Kenya and accredited to promote trust and confidence.
To begin your accreditation  for Either company or charity Please click here to earn the trusted mark of excellence  Connected Communities

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