Activists arrested in Nakuru during ‘arrest COVID-19 thieves’ demos

Three activists were on Monday morning arrested during ‘arrest COVID-19 thieves’ demos in Nakuru town.

The three Vincent Tanui,David Opingo and John Tower were arrested as Nakuru Human Rights defenders under the umbrella Kenya Tuitakayo Movement held protests in Nakuru town.

They were held at Central Police Station.

The demonstrators staged from Railways ground to the Governor’s and Regional Commissioner officeswhere they submitted petitions demanding action on COVID-19 funds thieves.

However,the demos were marred with excessive use of force by police officers who lobbed  teargas at demonstrators at various points.

Addressing media at the Governor’s office,Masese Kemunche  stated that the continued theft of public Resources has continued to hinder development.

Masese who is also the CEDGG’s program manager was very categorical that the thieves of COVID-19 funds should not go free.

“The continued theft of public Resources has continued to hinder development and that is why we are saying enough is enough” said Masese.

National Coalition on Human Rights Defenders Midrift Representative David Kuria Western has condemned the move by police.

Kuria who spoke to this writer at Central Police Station said the demonstrators were just just exercising their constitutional rights.

He called on Kenyans not to surrender until the thieves of COVID-19 funds are arrested.

“It’s wrong for police to arrest peaceful demonstrators. Kenyans are tired and they are making their voice to the goverment” said Kuria.

Sentiments echoed by James Wakibia.

According to Wakibia,it was shameful for police officers to use excessive force to disperse innocent Kenyans.

“It’s is disturbing that police can use excessive force on innocent Kenyans” he said.

Human Rights defenders have vowed to continue holding demos accross the country to pressure goverment to act on COVID-19 funds thieves.

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