Drama as police storm a church in Nakuru for contravening COVID-19 protocols

There was drama at Redeemed Gospel Church in Manyani, Kivumbini ward in Nakuru East subcounty on Sunday morning after police stormed the premise following reports that there was ongoing service contrary to COVID-19 protocols.

The police from Bondeni Police station landed at the church at around 10.30am after receiving a tip- off that Service was ongoing.

The service that was ongoing had to come to an end immediately.

According to one of the locals,the names of the  pastor of the church and afew members who were in the service were recorded perhaps to face the arm of the law for going against the COVID-19 protocols.

The move left area locals in shock with many wondering why men of cloth could allow a congregational worship.

“Why should pastors go against the laid down government procedures?If the goverment said no to congregational worship,let the clergy obey” said one of the locals.

But a source from the church indicated that there was no congregational worship,but rather a service that was being transmitted via online.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his 19th COVID-19 address, suspended all worship gatherings in the counties of Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru as apart of measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections in the country.

The ban which took effect from Saturday, March 27 will remain in force until further notice.

“That all physical/In-person and congregational worship in ALL places of worship in the Counties of Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru stands suspended until otherwise notified,” said Kenyatta.

In regard to the other 42 counties congregational worship shall continue to be conducted in keeping with the one-third rule and in
accordance with the guidelines of the Inter-Faith Council.

President Kenyatta said Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru have been declared disease infected areas, noting that they account for 70 percent of the country’s total infections.




Bondeni Police benefits from new equipment

Bondeni Police Station

Bondeni Police station in Nakuru has benefitted from a donation of a computer and printer to assist in digitalization.

Bondeni Police station

The items were personal donations from Ms. Rani Ramchandani who is the president of the Lions Club of Menengai. Bondeni Police OCS Abdi Noor Hussein received the donations.

Bondeni Police station
Bondeni Police station OCS Abdi Noor Hussein and Ms. Rani Ramchandani the Lions Club of Menengai president

According to Ms. Rukkya Mohamed the founder of the “Youth Bila Noma,” they sourced for the equipment to help deal with stalled cases. The computer and the 3-in-1 printer will help in handling virtual cases, a system that was put in place following the outbreak of Corona. Virtual cases are meant to put human interactions at a minimum.

Bondeni Police station

“Since the advent of virtual cases, the lack of modern computers and operating system was leading to a lot of stalled cases,” said Rukkya.

“This is the reason we reached out to Ms. Rani to assist the station and we take the opportunity to thank her for coming through,” added Rukkya.

Bondeni Police station

Also present were members of the Community Policing Committee, officers from the station and Ms. Mary Kirugumi the Social Development Officer in charge of Nakuru West.

Suspect arrested trying to steal camera from Nakuru’s K24 office

Police have launched investigations into a burglary incident at mediamax offices in nakuru.

The suspect.PHOTO/Kigotho.

According to the regional reporter Kigotho Mwangi, he opened the offices at 7:30am as usual and proceeded to do his daily routine.

“A  middle aged man knocked the door and inquired if the office was dealing with second hand cars.From the appearance, I could tell the guy was not either a salesman or a car dealer” said Kigotho.

He adds  that the suspect proceeded to go to other upper floors as he(Kigotho) went to the loo.

On coming back, he found the padlock opened and the same young man in the office holding a camera ready to go out.

The OB number obtained by Kigotho Mwangi at Central Police station.PHOTO/Kigotho Mwangi.

The young man is said to have pushed the reporter aside and ran down the stairs where the reporter raised alarm and apprehended the guy at the entrance.

According to reports from central police station, the young man was arrested last week at Mercy Mission Hospital after he robbed patients off their laptops and phones.

The suspect has been put in remand awaiting to be arraigned.

One police officer dead,several unaccounted for in Baringo mudslide


Police truck.PHOTO/Courtesy.

One police officer has died and several others unaccounted for after their truck was swept away by mudslide in marigat, Baringo county.

Speaking through phone, Riftvalley Regional police Commandant, Marcus Ochola said the  contingent was retuning to their base after night patrol when the incident happened.

“The officers were returning to their base when the incident happened.

The mud slide is similar to that  which happended in Elgeyo Marakwet afew weeks ago.

Nakuru journalists in uproar after colleague threatened by police

Journalists in Nakuru have this afternoon congregated at Bondeni police Station in Nakuru after one of their own was allegedly threatened by a police officer.

The journalist who works with a local religious radio station faced the threats through his wife from a person she identified as a police officer.

“The police officer whom I know as Mr. Kimotho came to the place where we leave and demanded to know whether my husband was home,” reported the wife to the journalist.

“When I told the officer that my husband was yet to get home he left a message with me,” she added.

“Tell him we’ll act a movie with him. And we’ll see who emerges the winner,” the police officer had threatened.

The threats to the journalist are suspected to be connected to a story he had ran in the media. A few weeks back, the veteran journalist had ran a story about a suspect who had faced torture at the hands of the police.

Hello colleagues. After running a story where OCS Bondeni in Nakuru harassed a 24 years man by “castrating” him, yesterday, Sunday, a police officer attached to Bondeni police threatened my wife where I reside at around 8.45 pm and told her that he is going to act a movie with me and see who emerges the star. This happened when i was at work,” the journalist had reported.

“I will be escorting my wife in recording statement at Nakuru Central Police station at 3PM” added the journalist.

The journalist added that the incidence had affected both his and the wife’s lives greatly. He was joined by fellow journalists and human rights defenders to Central police station where they met the OCPD. After consultations, the OCPD had referred the complainants to Bondeni Police Station to report the incidence there.

Some of the Nakuru journalists at Bondeni police station


“We are sure the threats upon the journalist are as a result of the torture story he ran. As human rights defenders, we expect the police to act and take appropriate action against the accused police officer who was sent by the perpetrator who happens to be the OCS himself,” said Masese Kemunche a human rights defender. Masese works with the Centre for Development and Good Governance (CEDGG) which is an NGO in Nakuru.

Other Civil Rights groups represented were Mifrift Humana Rights Network which was represented by its CEO Mr. Joseph Omondi. Mr. David Kuria another human rights defender represented the Nakuru Human Rights Network.

The journalist and his wife have both recorded statements with the police.

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