Uproar as police delay to collect body of woman found dead

Locals of Kanyoni estate in Nakuru East subcounty have raised concerns following police delays in picking a body of woman who was found dead.

According to the locals who spoke to this writer via phone,the woman is said to have died on Sunday.

By the time of publishing this article at 4pm on Monday,the police had not visited the scene.

According to one health officer who visited the scene,they had reported the matter at Bondeni Police station but they were told there was no vehicle to collect the body.

“We went to police station but we were told there was no vehicle to go collect the body” said the Health officer.

The delay by the police to pick the body has elicited mixed reactions among locals with majority accusing police for failing to pick the body on time.

Through WhatsApp pages,Simon Ole  Nasieku from Nakuru benchmarking wondered why such a delay by police.

Nasieku stated that “It is ironic that no police vehicle to collect the body but there is police vehicle to collect money from Liquor joints.”

It should be noted that Police Spokesperson Charles Owino has been on record that police vehicles are always fueled and no member of public should be asked to provide fuel for police to visit a crime scene.

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