Bodaboda riders want government to supply them with masks

Bodaboda operators in Nakuru town are now calling upon the government to provide them with face masks after they were ordered to ensure that their passengers are provided with the same.

According to the operators, they cannot afford to buy and provide face masks for every passenger they carry owing to the prices of the item.

Speaking on their behalf, Julius Muiruri said that a single mask costs between Sh50-100 which makes it impossible for riders to provide them to passengers.

“I cannot charge the customer Sh 50 and at the same time provide him/her with a face mask worth Sh 50.That makes no sense at all,” he said.

The riders noted that as much as they would want to adhere to the government’s directive,they just cannot stay in business with the conditions.

They said that if the government cannot supply them with face masks then customers will be forced to carry their own masks.

At the same time the riders appealed to the county government of Nakuru to allow them to be dropping passengers within the CBD .

The move to bar them from operating within the CBD has forced some of them to close business since most of their clients operate within the town center.


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