Josey Mras – Blogging Success


A friend of Josey Mras at St. Jerome’s Children’s home where Josey marked his birthday with the kids

From an early age, he knew he would work in the tech world. He was passionate and loved working with machines from an early age and  was always among the best students in computer practical while a student at Isbania Boys High School.

Conversely, while still a student at Nairobi Aviation College in Nakuru, and without prior experience, Joseph Ngugi popularly known as Josey Mras co-founded Sophlix which is a technology based blog. He writes about social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Marketing and generally how people can make money online.

“The greatest thing that happened to me was the discovery that you can share content online. I did all the research I could and in addition to social media, I got into Blogging,” says Joseph.

Bilawaya and a crashed Laptop

Even as others complained about Bilawaya, Mras admits that for him, Bilawaya was heaven-sent and has actually been a major boost in his line of business.
#Blogging Success - Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Josey Mras
“Bilawaya was launched when I was still a student at Nairobi Aviation College. One of the hotspots was just next to the premises and we used to surf the net on the windows,” Mras admits. He however admits that he almost lost his laptop once when the wind blew it off the window sill where he had left it downloading.
“I was offline for a whole week but we were able to repair it with my fellow college mates albeit with a lot of trial and error,” says Josey bursting with laughter at the recollection.

Working with the community

Josey Mras admits that all work and no play makes a dull blogger and it’s not always work for him. He enjoys time with friends and colleagues and he can be found hiking around Nakuru enjoying the scenery of the beautiful county over the weekends. In addition, he is always ready to work with the community.
“I am a Book Warrior and we normally visit marginalised primary schools with my fellow Book Warriors where we interact with the kids, read together, mentor them and guide them on good study methods,” he says.
He adds that giving a helping hand is always such a fulfilling thing for him and that’s why he chose to celebrate his recent birthday on 14th of November at St. Jerome’s Children’s’ home in Murunyu. He is also a strong supporter of the #ISupportBanPlasticsKE campaign.
“I like to see a clean environment wherever I go. I also want a future clear of the eyesores that the plastics have become. That is why I have joined hands with other young people from Nakuru to campaign for the ban of sub-standard plastic bags from the market,” confesses the soft spoken blogger who is also an active member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE).

Josey Mras is also very active on twitter and has a sizeable number of followers. He has two official twitter handles, @JoseyMras and @sophlix

On Facebook he is Jose Mras and he is also to be found on Instagram.

Josey Mras (Middle) with friends during his birthday at St. Jerome’s Childrens home
Josey Mras cuts a cake to mark his birthday at St. Jerome’s Childrens’ home
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