There’s great potential in Tourism – Bernard Macharia

We all recognize tourism in Kenya as a tool for development, if developed effectively.

Written by Benard Macharia
Written by Benard Macharia

Tourism has the potential to accelerate Kenya’s economic growth and job creation. In addition, the sector also has the capacity to contribute significantly to the agenda for social inclusion as cultural endowment and natural assets can be leveraged to create opportunities to local communities.
Nakuru County should facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and tools among stakeholders in the field to enhance sustainable tourism. This should be done as a collaboration between public and private entities to increase positive information and enhance the quality of the tourism sector in our County.
The county must invite all the tourism affiliated stakeholders to share experiences and forge the way forward. Public participation is also important for awareness on the role played by tourism in our County.
The county government must maintain vigilantism to prevent the destruction of our natural resources. Zoning and mapping shall make our County attract tourists and processing assets of a particular destination.  We should strive to meet the needs of our local and international customers.
Market research, product development, and market represent a continuum. Failure to deliver any of these key components will result in the destination under realizing its potential. Product development must be in line with the taste and trends of the market.
Billboards, festivals and mega-events is another strategy that attracts visitors to a destination which may not have any significant attraction or during low seasons. This includes model destination which outlines specific characteristics such as security management, location/accessibility, existing resources, tourism performance, government and tourism policies, the local economy and its human capital.
Nakuru county must adopt clear strategies based on sustainable methodologies for tourism product development. Therefore, if Nakuru County adheres to this publication this will help to enhance our competitiveness in today’s global tourism sector.

Benard Macharia is a Human Rights defender in based in Naivasha, Nakuru County

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