Oasis Women Group shaping lives of women in Nakuru through art

As a way of empowering women in society 17 women in Nakuru’s Kaptembwo came together in 2009 and started a support group by the name Oasis Women Support group.
Since the formation and registration in 2013, the group has been in the core business of lifting the status of women in Nakuru out of poverty through their project of hand-making quality jewelry, bags, clothing, and kitchen accessories.
According to the chair lady Oasis Women Group Irene Njokie, this was the only way they could help themselves as women.
She says after all the hustles they decided to work closely to ensure they no longer look for employment but rather create their own as a way of empowering themselves.
“We came together and examined our lives and the direction we were headed and that is when the idea came up to create employment for ourselves rather than looking for one.
That is how we formed the group and later in 2013 June we registered it as Oasis Women Group” she said.
Sticking to their core value of empowering the women in society, Oasis Women Group since 2013 has been able to empower over 100 groups within Nakuru County.
Irene says through their economic empowerment from the project of hand-making quality jewelry, bags, clothing, and kitchen accessories they have been of benefit to the society and more so women who many a times feel to be left on the fringes of the society.
“When we registered in 2013 we embarked on empowering the other women in society and so far we have been able to empower about 100 women groups” she said.
And like any other support group, there have not been left out when it comes to challenges in terms of operation.
The chair lady says it was difficult to market their items since 2013 not until they opened up social media accounts for the group to start operating.
Another big challenge they now face is the recent ban on plastic carrier bags which they have been using as part of their raw materials to come up with their items for market.
Irene is however quick to note that with the ban on plastic carrier bags –an idea the group embraces and therefore with their innovative minds they have thought of alternatives.
“We got the information that there was a ban on Plastic carrier bags which we have been depending on as one of our raw materials but with our innovative minds we have other alternatives since we also want a clean environment” she said.
Oasis Women Group which has also been attending the annual Nakuru ASK show to display their items for the market, members are optimistic that in the next 2 years the will be a big organization that will empower and touch the lives of more women in society.
Despite the government setting funds to empower various women groups in the community, Oasis Women Group is challenging the government to do more in ensuring that women have information about the funds and how to go about them.
“In the next two years we see ourselves a big organization that will touch more women in society. We also call on the government to ensure more information reach women in society” said Irene.
Similar sentiments echoed by the group’s treasurer Grace Kinyua who has mastered the art of beads and does all she can to produce the best items out of them.
Her advice to the women in the society is to be aggressive and work to ensure their own empowerment rather than just sitting as housewives.
“I call upon women in the society not just to sit there but reach out to us and we shall assist to empower you in order to get some coins” she said.
The Oasis Women Group which has members ranging from youths to elderly all with one core value to empower themselves and empower others women in society.
Miriam Kinyua one of the senior members of the group and who happens to be a widow says since she joined the group she has greatly been empowered.
Mrs.Kinyua too has advice to the younger women in the society not loose hop but stay focused on what they want to achieve in life.
“To the younger women, they should stay focus and persevere in life. Life is all about perseverance” she said.
Indeed knowledge is power and for this group of women from Oasis Women group, they have just realized their potential are working to achieve their goal in empowering.

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