Subukia Police on spot for defying President’s directive on bars

A police car in a past crime scene. [Source/DCI]
Police in Kabazi,subukia sub county in Nakuru are on spot for protecting two officers who are operating bars in the area despite Presidential directive.
The efforts of Kabazi residents in the fight against defiant bars in the area have unmasked the same with two officers on spot.

But the non-relenting efforts by the locals are finally bearing fruits after security team visited the area.

Led by county Police commander Stephen Matu,the security team who held a closed door meeting in the area after outcry from the residents have resolved that no bar will be operational in the area.
The locals led by the Kabazi bar owners association together with area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae had raised an alarm over defiant bars in the area.
They had accused the police officers and the area OCPD Patriciah Nasio for protecting their own two officers who were operating bars contrary to Police Service Standing Orders.
According to the Kabazi bar owners association,the bars were operating even after the Presidential directive that all bars should be shut to avert spread of COVID-19.
But area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has welcomed the resolution of the security team.
“As leaders of Kabazi and business community we are now happy that after we raised alarm the security team ha e agreed that no bar will operate in the area in defiance with the Presidential directive” said MCA Mbae.
Earlier on,the locals had addressed media at the Kabazi centre faulting police officers for protecting the two officers who operate the bars.
Led by former MCA Mwangi Waithaka,the locals said issues of alcohol in the area should be addressed.
Waithaka wondered why the officers’ bars were operating yet the others had complied.
He termed police officers led by area OCPD as the key obstacles in the fight.
“We have had problem of alcohol and drug abuse in this area with the biggest obstacle in the fight being police officers who have their bars in the area” said Mwangi.
Similar sentiments echoed by Subukia human rights defender Robert Njenga.
He says the issue of bars owned by police officers in the area has been an obstacle.
According to Njenga the bars have been operating in defiance with the Presidential directive on the bars in relation to COVID-19 issue.
He says as locals together with the area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae they had to intervene to save the youths.
“The bars owned by the two officers have been operating despite the Presidential directive” said Njenga.

MCA, locals raise alarm over defiant bars

Kabazi ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae at a past media address.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Residents of Kabazi ward in Subukia subcounty of Nakuru have sounded a stern warning to defiant bars and alcohol dens that are still operating despite the goverment directive that all bars should be shut.

The locals have faulted a section of that police  officers whom they claim are  are the owners of the bars.

Led by area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae,the locals pointed at a bar at Kabazi  Centre owned by a police officer that is still operating despite the fact that security and County teams have ensured all the other over 20 bars are closed as per the Presidential order as a measure to curb spread of COVID-19.

“We have been receiving calls over the bar called Valley and owned by a Police Constable. Patrons get in and the bar is closed from late as inside.As late as yesterday, locals tipped us, the ACC sent a chief but the patrons who were inside ran away” said Mbae.

The MCA adding that with the local leaders, they raised the matter of a police officer running a bar within his work station over 6 months ago with SubCounty heads but all what happened was that he was transferred to Nakuru.

He adds that he has informed the county commissioner over the same adding that  the bar has not only defied the Presidential order on bar closure but also operates without County licences and has also erected an illegal extension at the back.

The Kabazi community now wants  immediate confiscation of the stock and permanent closure of the bar.

” It’s not fair that small scale bar owners close down but a police officer who is supposed to enforce the law breaks the same with abandon” he said.

According  to the vocal Nakuru MCA,his continued impunity also shows them in bad light as leaders despite their  efforts.

The  MCA commending locals for sharing information.

He however sounded stern warning to alcohol dens in Mutukanio, Westgate,Banita.

He also pointed out another bar owned by an AP officer at Banita Centre which is operating, allowing patrons in and closing them from inside.

“Officers wishing to go into bar business have to choose either. They can’t do both because they can’t arrest themselves and we have pointed out this to the CC” said Mbae.

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