Water, Health, Agriculture among UDA priority areas in Nakuru County

Water, Health and Agriculture a priority

Provision of water, empowerment of SMEs, access to health services and support of the agriculture sector are some of the areas that the UDA government will prioritize for Nakuru County residents.

Nakuru County Residents at a UDA meeting
Nakuru County Residents at a UDA meeting in Bahati

Speaking in Bahati Constituency when he toured the area this Saturday, the Deputy President and the UDA presidential candidate Dr William Ruto said his government will put priority on meeting the basic needs of the people.

“Our first priority will be ensuring that water is available to every resident of Nakuru from the month of September,” promised the Deputy President.

His government’s second priority immediately after being sworn in will be ensuring Kenyan youths are properly equipped with relevant technical skills and support for SMEs.

“We must ensure that through Technical Training Institutes, we equip our youths with skills that will help than in these times. Through the Bottom-Up Economic model, the (UDA) government shall put 50 billion annually to support small businesses like market traders and bodaboda riders,” said Dr Ruto.

The support for farmers will also be a priority area to economically empower them and also make Kenya a food secure country.

This will be achieved via ensuring that farm inputs are cheaply available and the government helping in market access.

On matters of health, the Deputy President said his government will ensure that every Kenyan can access health services at the least cost and that NHIF will be universally available to everyone.

“High-income earners like myself will pay more to NHIF while the low-income earners will pay just a little to access NHIF insurance cover,” the presidential candidate promised to add that those who completely cannot afford will have the government pay for their health cover.

His sentiments were echoed by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika who is also a gubernatorial aspirant in Nakuru County.

“Access to clean drinking water, affordable health services and affordable farm inputs are some of the greatest challenges facing Nakuru County residents. Our vision for an economically empowered people” said Susan Kihika who explained her vision to ensure Nakuru residents are able to improve their living standards.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika has promised to prioritize Water, Health and Agriculture in Nakuru

Nakuru County’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, especially in the rural areas and the provision of water for irrigation will be a huge boost.

Others who accompanied the Deputy President were Kenya Kwanza leaders Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula among many others. The team toured Bahati County starting from Dundori, Lanet, Kiamaina and Bahati Wards.

UDA supporters in Dundori
UDA supporters in Dundori

Expelled Anestar Boys to miss certificates of good Conduct -PS Nabukwesi

There will be no issuance of Certificates of Good Conduct to 70 Form four candidates at Anestar Boys High school in Bahati subcounty of Nakuru County who were expelled following last Thursday’s night incident  in which they broke into a girls’ dormitory in the nearby Anestar Precious Girls’ School.

Principal Secretary State Department of University Education and Research Amb.Simon Nabukwesi it is the policy of the Ministry to ensure good values are nurtured.

He said the Ministry will not allow them to  be issued with the document until they show that they are remorseful for their actions.

The PS was speaking in Nakuru on Monday after witnessing the opening of examination container and supervising the distribution of the materials to various schools.

On Friday last week,Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui confirmed the expulsion of the 70 students from Anestar Boys High school in Bahati.

“We have expelled the 70 , 10 of whom are those who were arrested while the other 60 were intercepted in the morning” said the County commissioner.

He added that the move was reached to avert any disturbance to the other learners who have accepted to be in school.

According to Mbui,the 70 will now only be accepted in the school on the basis that they are candidates.

Their parents were notified to make arrangements where they can stay as they continue with their examinations.

“Their only consideration to enter the school is being candidates” stated Mbui.

National Assembly NG-CDF Committee roots for more funds

National Assembly NG-CDF Committee has revealed that all funds for the current financial year will be channeled towards construction of classrooms before the schools resume.

According to the Committee, this is aimed at ensuring enough spaces in schools that will help reduce congestion that can lead to more spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The Committee’s chair who is also Member of Parliament for Kanduyi Wafula Wamunyinyi says his committee has already engaged with the National Government CDF stakeholders and management and agreed to pause the use of the funds in implementing Environment and bursary projects.

He was speaking when the Committee toured Bahati Constituency in Nakuru County.

“We have agreed that other projects can be suspended so that the money can be channeled towards construction of more classrooms and purchase of desks ahead of schools resumption” said Wamunyinyi.

The committee also advocating for need to amend the NG-CDF Act and add increase funds that will help the MPs address the issue of new classes.

As it stands now more schools are full due to the 100% transition initiative that was done by the ministry of education and the ministry of interior.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri stating that the social distancing in schools can be addressed if the government can allow funds diverted to NG-CDF towards construction of classrooms.

He adds that this can be made possible through a Bill in the Parliament.

“The Government should allow a bill in parliament so that we can have more funds from the COVID-19 kitty under NG-CDF towards construction of classrooms” said Ngunjiri.


Shock as Nakuru man murders ex-wife

Police in Bahati have launched investigations into an incident in which a 50 years old man identified as Kariuki is reported to have murdered his ex-wife.

The suspect who is being held at Bahati Police station in Nakuru County is said to have  killed his ex-wife at a maize plantation in Solai and later reported to his son about the crime he had committed before fleeing using a motorbike belonging to the same lady.

The lady identified as Martha and a mother of two engaged in a love affair with the man and later parted ways, an action that is said to have triggered the inhuman act.

Bahati MCA John Njuguna Ndonyo has said that they received information and broke it to Police who later arrested the man at Maili Saba fleeing to Njoro Sub County where he has been living for long.

The  body of the middle aged woman was later found at the maize plantation at 11:00pm last night by locals and police where it had several knife stabs.

Ngunjiri calls on political leaders to shun divisive politics that may derail peace

Bahati MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri has called on political leaders to shun divisive utterances that may derail the good working relation between President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Speaking on Monday at his home in Bahati when he met over 50 religious leaders from the Kenya Assemblies of God, the vocal legislator while commending the new development where the trio has shown interest to work towards bettering lives of Kenyans said all politicians should emulate the same and focus on development and unity of the people.While stating that Kenyans had waited for the unity between the trio, he also called on a section of Central MPs to shun sideshows but rather focus on the government’s big 4 agenda.

“We should not accept anything that will divide us. Our focus should be on development and let us support President Kenyatta, his deputy Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in their move to unite the nation” said Ngunjiri.

On politics of succession the legislator said as rift valley leaders they will drum support for Deputy President William Ruto come 2022.

He said leaders are known by their deeds and the DP has shown such.

“Leaders are known by their deeds and our Deputy President has shown that and he deserves support come 2022”said Ngunjiri.

Church leaders who attended the meeting at MP Ngunjiri’s home led by Rev.Peter Kabiru vowed to continue praying of the nation.

They said the church has a cardinal role to play for the nation so as peace and development can be realized.

“We will continue praying for this nation so that we can experience and hence development” said Rev.Peter.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has broken his silence on the ongoing debate on his succession, saying he will be actively involved in what will happen after his retirement.

Mr. Kenyatta lashed out at unnamed critics, saying his silence on the matter should not be seen as weakness.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Bahati MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri addressing media at his home when he met Pastors from Kenya Assemblies of God.

Meet Nakuru family where cousins were almost getting married unknowingly

Nearly 50 years after Mr. & Mrs. Ngugi passed on, their legacy of love is still witnessed through family gathering.

When we met up with the family during their 50th celebration in Bahati sub county , one of the family sons Mr. Kiragu Gichaga says the genesis can be traced from 1968.

The family have been holding the annual gathering every second Saturday of August.Mr.Gichaga says the legacy that their dad Mr.Ngugi and their mum Nyaguthii left behind is that of love which they have continued to ensure.

While noting that family gathering is a good platform for extended family members to know each other,Mr.Gichaga narrates a scenario that faced the family in which two members cousin related were almost getting married.

The story has it that the two members of the family fell in love without knowing that they were related only to be realized at the dowry stage.

He says it was turf situation that they had to engage the elders as per the Kikuyu culture to ensure the matter is addressed amicably to avert any abnormalities in the family.

“We started the family gathering after a scenario in which cousins were almost getting married without knowing that they were related. At the dowry stage it was realized that they were related and the matter had to be addressed” said Mr.Gichaga.

He however says the children had difficulty in accepting the same and they had to be counseled and accepted.He adds that it is due to the scenario that they took it paramount to the family gathering which helps to avert similar scenarios in future.

His appeal is to the families to emulate the same and ensure family gatherings as it is a platform for family members to interact and get to know each other.

“My appeal is to the families to embrace gatherings as they help shape the families as far as history is concerned” said Gichaga.

Sentiments echoed by Mr.Mwaniki Gerald Mwangondu and Mr.Ngugi Mbugua who are also sons of the family of the late Mr.and Mrs Ngugi of the Mbari Ya Muriu clan.

They say to ensure the legacy of love left by their parents,the family which has reached the 5th generation do meet yearly and rotational in all the 9 households of the family.

During the gatherings, they get to interact but more importantly plant trees as one way of teaching the younger generation in the family the importance of environment conservation.

During this year’s family gathering, they also launched a book titled ‘Legacy of Love Book’.

According to Mr.Gichaga,the Book has the genesis of Mbari ya Muriu clan with chapter one elaborating on the history of the family.

The following chapters focus on the 9 children of the family.

To them,this is the only way to preserve their history for future generation in the family and the clan of Mbari ya Muriu.

Indeed,theirs is a story to emulate that family gatherings can help address some of the challenges facing families as well as preserve history and culture.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Mr. Kiragu Gichaga(left), Mr.Mwaniki Gerald Mwangondu(centre) and Mr.Ngugi Mbugua(right) during the launch of the book on family history.

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