Sombre mood as Lawyer Paul Gicheru is laid to rest in Nakuru

Sombre mood engulfed the village of Kwa Nguku, Bahati Sub county in Nakuru County on Thursday as family, friends and relatives paid last respect to departed Lawyer Paul Gicheru.
The late was eulogised as a generous brother, loving family man and great lawyer.
In an emotional tribute his wife Ruth Nyambura told mourners that her husband was a great family man as well as a man of the people in the society.
“For the 23 years,you have been a great family man.I can’t believe you are no more.Fare thee well my dear husband” she said. 
She vowed to take care and support her three sons Allan, Alvin and Alex.
Other speakers during the burial ceremony called on everyone to remember the family in prayers.
Gicheru, who had been charged with bribing witnesses who were to testify in the trial of President William Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC), was found unconscious in his bedroom on the evening of September 26 and declared dead by medics who were called in to resuscitate him.
His death brings to a close, a case that was to be ruled soon as The Hague based court does not convict or acquit the dead.

Polling Stations in Bahati Constituency

Polling Stations in Nakuru County

Previously, Bahati Constituency was part of Subukia Constituency. The Constituency is sub-divided into six wards. The wards are; Dundori, Kabatini, Kiamaina, Lanet/Umoja and Bahati. Below are the polling stations in Bahati Sub-county.


  1. Dundori Community Social Hall – 1
  2. Mikeu Primary – 2
  3. Mikeu Secondary – 2
  4. Dundori Primary – 2
  5. Dundori Community Nursery – 1
  6. Dundori Secondary – 1
  7. Mwiruti Secondary – 1
  8. Mwiruti Primary – 1
  9. Dundori Youth Polytechnic – 1
  10. Kirima Nursery – 1
  11. Kianda Primary – 1
  12. Wanyororo Primary – 2
  13. Kiawamu Dispensary – 2
  14. Wanyororo Secondary – 2
  15. Wanyororo A youth polytechnic – 1
  16. Giachong’e Nursery – 1
  17. Ithagani Primaryu – 1
  18. Githioro Trading Centre – 2
  19. Bavuni Secondary – 2
  20. Mugwathi Primary – 1
  21. Bavuni Primary – 2
  22. Tabuga Cattle Dip – 1
  23. Taboga Primary – 2
  24. Giachong’e Primary – 1
  25. Milimani Secondary – 1
  26. Kimani Ngunjiri primary – 1
  27. Gathioro Chief’s Office – 1


  1. Ceder Lodge Nursery – 1
  2. Murungaru Primary – 2
  3. Pine Ridge Primary – 1
  4. Rugori Dispensary – 1
  5. Kabatini health Centtre – 2
  6. Limuko Primary – 2
  7. Limuko Secondary – 2
  8. St. Anthony Secondary – 1
  9. Engashura Primary – 1
  10. Amos Shopping Centre – 3
  11. Moi Ndeffo Secondary – 1
  12. Kiuguini Nursery – 3
  13. St. John’s Primary – 1
  14. Nyathuna Primary – 1
  15. Maili Saba Trading centre – 2
  16. Murungaru Secondary – 1
  17. Mwaki Mugi Chief office – 1
  18. St. Michael Catholic Church – 1
  19. Kwa Amos Chief’s office – 1
  20. Joswin Academy – 1


  1. Rurii Primary – 3
  2. Baraka Primary – 2
  3. Engoshura Health Centre – 2
  4. St. Peter Primary – 2
  5. Menengai Hills Primary – 1
  6. Menengai Hills Secondary – 2
  7. Mchanganyiko Trading Centre – 5
  8. Crater Nursery – 1
  9. Kabatini B Nursery – 2
  10. Kiamaina Secondary – 4
  11. Kiamaina Primary – 5
  12. Nakuru Workers Primary – 5
  13. Makao Trading Centre – 1
  14. Ngomongo Trading Centre – 2
  15. Kagoto Primary -4
  16. Dhanj K. Youth Polytechnic – 2
  17. Heshima Secondary – 4
  18. Workers Secondary – 1
  19. Heshima Trading Centre – 1
  20. Kiamaina ICT Centre – 2
  21. Stoo Makaa Trading Centre – 1


  1. Ndimu Primary – 3
  2. Ndege Dispensary – 2
  3. Lanet Umoja Primary – 4
  4. Nakuru East Primary – 1
  5. Lanet Primary – 1
  6. Kawangware Trading Centre – 4
  7. Modern Trading Centre – 2
  8. Baraka Royal Secondary – 1
  9. Kamoronyo Primary – 1
  10. Murunyu High – 1
  11. Murunyu Trading Centre – 2
  12. Mereroni Primary – 1
  13. Lanet Secondary – 2
  14. Jambo Trading Centre – 3
  15. Umoja 2 Trading Centre – 2
  16. Kamfam Trading Centre – 4
  17. Ndege Polytechnic – 1
  18. Nyonjoro Dispenasary – 1
  19. Umoja 1 trading Centre – 1
  20. Posta Trading Centre – 1
  21. Kiamunyeki PCEA Church – 1


  1. Bahati Forest Station – 1
  2. St. Francis Primary – 2
  3. St. John Secondary – 2
  4. Osembo Primary – 2
  5. Wanyororo Trading Centre – 2
  6. Kahawa Nursery – 1
  7. Bahati Farmers Cooperative – 1
  8. Bahati PCEA Primary – 1
  9. Bahati Upperhill Academy – 1
  10. Bahati Dispensary – 1
  11. St. Lwanga Primary – 3
  12. Jacaranda Primary – 1
  13. St. Joseph Secondary – 1
  14. Grace Bible College – 3
  15. Our Lady of Mercy Primary – 2
  16. Our Lady of Fatima – 2
  17. Chania Coffee Factory – 1
  18. Muringa Primary – 2
  19. Bahati Trading Centre – 4
  20. Jomo Kenyatta High – 1
  21. Bahati District Hospital – 3
  22. St. Francis Secondary – 1
  23. J.M Kariuki Secondary – 1
  24. Wanyororo Chief Office – 1
  25. Maili Kumi Trading Centre – 1

Crispus Wathimba – Why am best for Bahati

Never has a political aspirant used his academic prowess to right wrongs in society as a platform for seeking high office against his opponent’s low education which he blames for ongoing ills afflicting Bahati Constituency.

Civil Engineer Crispus Antony Wathimba openly spoke against structural defects he detected on school buildings, bridges and roads projects earning him a much-deserved nickname, ‘engineer’.
The 36-year-old resident of Kagoto, Kiamaina ward in Bahati constituency came onto the political scene by default when visiting his home when he discovered a road contractor was doing a shoddy job on a road, blocking drainage lines and grading the road to have a permanent inward curve.

“These poor works cost people their investments when the rains pounded the region as water was directed to farms destroying crops and sweeping off houses it found on its way. I screamed and the contractor had to re-divert the water to Menengai Crater thereby helping support vegetation that serves as pastures of last resort for local livestock keepers,” recalls Wathimba.

In a one-on-one interview in Nakuru, he glided around the marble-laden rotunda, explanation about his plan to torpedo his rivals in the parliamentary seat on a Jubilee-party in the upcoming nominations.

“It appears to be a long political shot, but when you go to the horse races, everyone starts from the same line backed by their experience, people engagement and preparedness,’ he asserts about his intention to seek the Jubilee party ticket.

After numerous interventions on correcting ills committed by contractors on public projects, Wathimba went public on his intention to contest in March 2016 saying the current MP’s academic background was harming the community’s interest.

He said that when various leaders in Nakuru were put to task to explain the development goals they have achieved since they took office, they were at pains to do so and that is what motivated him to seek an elective post.

“It occurred to me then that I was no longer the leader of the future as we youth are always informed but my future was now or never. In the last 10 months I have been traversing this constituency, I realised we need a new kind of leadership,” he states.

The first time aspirant believes he is the best bet for Bahati because he has the capability to jell with elected leaders in Nakuru County and bargain for the National cake as well as donor agencies to improve the state of sanitation in Nakuru.

Some of the integral parts of his plan once elected is to ensure residents of Bahati gets clean water, access to quality education, better health care, women empowerment, ensuring the youth plays an integral part in the society, as well as championing for the rights of elderly and persons with disability.

His foundation, The Wathimba Foundation, has been involved in water projects in the constituency especially, Engashura, Wanyororo A- and Githioro where they donated funds towards acquiring distribution pipes and water tanks. They are also coming up with a strategic plan and design to permanently address the water issue in Bahati.

The youthful aspirant has visionary plans for the youth. His foundation held a successful football tournament and sponsored several football clubs to the FKF league and provides sports wear for others.

They also sponsored the creative arts industry where they trained over 50 young men and women for two day Film Symposium, 50 Youths to the Safaricom Blaze Summit, shot a 15 minutes movies with 20 youths involved in the project, sponsored over 60 youth with Rabbits, Horticulture Seeds and Fertilisers and over 10 youth received support in recording and launching their music albums.

On women empowerment, numerous women groups have benefited through diverse interventions such as training them in modern Farming technologies, Beat and Mat Making, Table banking financing, including several cash donations courtesy of the foundation.

Last year, The Foundation donated food and blankets to over 60 homes in Kiamaina, Kabatini and Dundori wards for the elderly. They also took part in the chapati forum held at the Ngara School for the Deaf among many other initiatives.

To fulfil his transformation agenda of agricultural sector in the area, The Wathimba Foundation sponsored several farmers on a learning tours at the Brookside Livestock Breeding Show, Nyandarua Engineer Kari Potato Model Farm and St Clara Agriculture training centre where they had a chance to learn a lot on modern farming technologies and methodologies in Dairy Farming ( cow and goat) , Beekeeping, Potato Farming and Horticulture , as well as acquiring skills and knowledge that will add value to their farms.

In an effort to improve the living standards of the youth, being one of the key prerequisites for the social change that is needed in our societies, The Foundation has sponsored several students with Fees and Learning Equipment as well as securing internship for over 10 Graduate from Bahati Constituency some of whom have been retained and are now working.

“I am currently working on the registration of Bahati Leaders and Professionals Association which will play a key role in Mentorship and Career guidance programme as well as support needy students in Bahati, helping graduate from tertiary institutions get an internship, practical attachment and Jobs,” Wathimba said.

Through his personal friends and associates in the engineering field, he has intervened on several matters relating to Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) and Kenya Rural Roads Authority(KeRRA) roads as well as bringing to light the false promises that residents have been told in previous elections campaign which are non-existent projects.

Wathimba believes the incumbent Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri has done dismally and cannot give him a grade on his performance since it is outside the scoop.

“Ngunjiri is the epitome of a failed leadership in Bahati by dragging us down despite having the much resources at his disposal,” he says.
He said that the incumbent has let his people down and the only way voters can remove him is by electing a leader who is conscious and alive to the problems on the ground.

“The leader should also have a clear and feasible Socio-economic Agenda that can address those problems both in the medium and long-term beyond his term as an MP,” he added.

According to the youthful aspirant, the incumbent has mismanaged the CDF kitty to benefit a few of his cronies “some have stolen enough money within four years to seek political office and flaunt their ill-gotten wealth openly.”

He says Ngunjiri has also done little to tame cases of insecurity in the constituency and will never be the best leader to tackle the menace in the county.

“He was supposed to give leadership and political goodwill to end the insecurity menace and he has failed, I can say without a doubt,” he said.

About other aspirants in the Bahati Parliamentary seat, Engineer Wathimba believes his academic and development record speaks volumes and puts him ahead of others.
“Unlike other aspirants who have made it clear that their only interest is to unseat Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri, am well versed with the problems facing Bahati residents and that gives me an edge and qualify me to be their next legislature,” he added.
Wathimba, as a youth, believes he is the best bet for Bahati leadership to make sure the constituency attracts positive attention nationally and internationally.
He feels Bahati needs a leader like former President Mwai Kibaki whose Economic Blue Print for Kenya is still felt today by the current government even after his retirement, and that is what he stands for and asked the residents to offer him a chance to lead in order to make this a reality.
“I believe that I represent that leadership because I understand, communicate, align and work towards the transformation agenda of the people of Bahati,” he said.

Crispus Anthony Wathimba – Young and Determined

Being a first timer gunning for the Bahati Constituency parliamentary seat, home to political gurus, the youthful Engineer Crispus Anthony Wathimba is not deterred and he believes he is up to the challenge.

Wathimba supporting Talent
Supporting talent. Wathimba at the MTN marathon in Uganda with a Bahati resident

For those familiar with him, these definitions befits him; passionate, pro-active, progressive and a professional who loves everyone equally.

His charming smile depicts the courage, reminiscence of a young man in the likes of David, well oiled, and armed with only a single stone ready to battle Goliath, one Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri.

The youthful aspirant is not ready to waste the single stone either and believes it is his chance to pounce, with Mr Ngunjiri’s political career continue to dwindle, especially after opposing President Uhuru’s appointment of Speaker Susan Kihika to lead Jubilee campaign team in Central Rift.

Ngunjiri prides himself in having saved the modern day Kihika from sinking in our county’s tumultuous political doldrums.

Conspicuously, the Bahati MP is an experienced political son borne of the retired President Moi’s regime and his Nyayo style of politics.

“In this time and age, society that set out to attain transformative economic objectives must have the courage and insight to ‘think big’ in order to realize our Vision. Am ready to wrestle Ngunjiri,” says Wathimba.

Growing up in Bahati

Mr Wathimba, 36, was born in Bahati constituency, Nakuru County and is the last born to retired teachers, the Late Elias Maina Njuguna formerly of Jamhuri primary school and Mrs Jane Maina of Kagoto Primary School.

Mrs Maina is household name among the residents of Heshima, Kagoto, Kirima and Engashura in Kiamaina Ward, most of whom she taught between 1979 and 2001 before she retired. She is now a community leader involved in philanthropic activities.

Kagoto Primary
Wathimba has been involved in supporting education in Bahati

Mr Wathimba seems to have taken the leadership mantle from his parents as the late Elias Maina and Jane Maina were the founders of St John ACK Church- Kagoto together with other members of St Luke ACK Church- Rurii. It is in this church founded by his parents that Wathimba was raised with strong Christian values that today continue to define him as a person.

His parents served the church in key leadership position, as Mr Maina was the Church lay leader and Chairman while his mother was the Mother Union Chairlady for over 20yrs. According to him, Leadership truly runs in the family’s blood.

Wathimba: Getting into politics and past experience

Coming into politics with over 10 years wealth of experience in various management roles, the young vibrant Wathimba believes he is the man to inject fresh blood and write a new chapter in the Bahati and Nakuru County politics that has for over 20 years been associated with political intrigues and violence which continue to deny the region much needed economic development and transformation as well as quality service delivery.

Mr Wathimba, a trained Civil Engineer and Certified Project Management practitioner started to rise when he served as a project manager for Safaricom and Huawei Telecommunication Network Rollout projects in Kenya, DR Congo, and South Sudan for two years immediately after completing his engineering degree course from JKUAT in the year 2005.

His career continued to blossom when he was appointed as the founding Country Manager for Kenyan owned Multinational Construction firm in Uganda between 2007 and 2012 , a company he was responsible for its incorporation in Uganda and growth .

The Civil engineer also served as the East Africa Regional Director for the same company overseeing projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Wathimba is also the Founder and Director of an Engineering and Construction Firm with presence in Kenya and Uganda since 2013, as well as the Co-Founder and Director of an Insurance Brokerage Firm in Uganda, the position he has held to date.

“I believe with my strong academic and professional background in the field of engineering and vast experience in project management and business leadership, I have what it takes to deliver on the transformative agenda that Bahati needs urgently” he said.

However, the young visionary leader admits politics is not for joyriders, especially when facing experienced leaders like Bahati MP Onesmus Ngunjiri who has been in the game for a long time.

With hammer and tongs at each other between Kihika and Ngunjiri in a battle for supremacy in Bahati, a constituency which holds the reputation of laying the county’s hottest political bed where almost everything goes during polls and off political seasons, Wathimba is ready to pull the trigger.

capacity doing
Wathimba believes in empowering young people

His motivation is the desire to transform the lives of people and be an agent of change, and he is ready to give his competitors a run for their money. The Wathimba Foundation an organisation he founded motto is “empower communities, beat poverty , transform lives” has so far engaged in several initiatives whose main agenda is to “BEAT” poverty by investing in; Business & Enterprise, Education, Agriculture and Talent (BEAT).

If elected, his key agenda will be addressing the issues of; access to safe and clean drinking water, improving the quality of education with greater focus on Academic Excellence, Skills acquisition and Talent Development, youth mentorship in schools as well as providing skills to unemployed youth that are relevant to the job market. Lastly but not least agriculture and agri-business which remain underdeveloped despite its huge potential to create jobs for youth and spur economic growth in the constituency.

Wathimba’s Focus on Special Groups

On youth, he plans to set up a five year youth outreach and Empowerment programme whose goals and objective is to nurture a responsible, focused and well behaved youthful community that can play an effective and substantive role in nation building and a defender of our national values: peace, love and unity.

Empowering farmers
Crispus Wathimba taking farmers on a field tour

Wathimba also has a soft heart for the elderly and persons with disabilities where he intends to invest a great deal of resources in attending to the unique and special needs of these people that are tailored to a specific group of people and individuals depending on their challenges.

“I will also agitate for more funding of women empowerment and financial support programme by the national and county governments to support women in trade, business, employment, Agri-Business, cottage Industries and Social Enterprises.”

He feels his parliamentary candidature is an eye opener for majority of youth who wish to venture into politics at a young age.

Wathimba’s Online Presence

Mr. Wathimba being a digital young man has a strong online presence. He is available on Facebook, Twitter as and also on the professionals’ social media platform, LinkedIn. To learn more about him, you can visit his website

Citizens successfully lobby release of resident from Bahati Police

Phidelis Njeri, a resident of Kabatini Ward in Bahati was last night released from police cell in Bahati police station.
Phidelis who works in the area MCAs office had spent the night in the police cells and would have been there till Monday had it not been for the intervention of Nakuru residents.

The arrest of the outspoken Phidelis is suspected to have been politically instigated. She has been a long time challenger of Bahati MP Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri and even took him head on live TV a few weeks back. The MP had stomped out in protest.
According to the Bahati police station OCS David Rono, Phidelis was being held over water pipes that had been transferred from a government premises to a private one without the knowledge of the employer.
The case is however seen by many as witch hunt considering the case was resolved a few months back in August.
“When I sought the views of MCA Paul Mwangi who is her employer, he had said that the OCS had resolved there was no case back then. The revival of the case several months later is a pure case of intimidation,” said Grace Wangui Karuga a Women Rep aspirant in Nakuru, one of those who had gone to free Phidelis.

Citizen and Social media power

Once the news of her arrest had broken out, residents of Nakuru had quickly arranged to visit her on Social Media. The first group consisting of Nakuru Analysts founder Elijah Kinyanjui, Women Rep aspirant Grace Karuga, Hawker’s leader Ole Nasieku and Wairimu Musindi had left Nakuru town at 4:00 PM.
Others had joined them there later including Kiamaina MCA Samuel Kamau Kajoyce. Those that were away had expressed their solidarity including Bahati MP Aspirant Crispus Wathimba.
After discussions with the OCS, he had agreed to release Phidelis on a cash bond of Kshs. 5,000. The OCS who was described as highly arrogant by those present had however changed tune and asked for Kshs. 20,000 as bond.
“The OCS had demanded a Kshs. 5,000 bond and after we had raised it among ourselves, he raised it to Kshs. 20,000 to further frustrate efforts to free Phidelis, reported Ole Nasieku.

Phidelis Released – Finally

An agreement had been reached by 6:30 PM when they agreed to release Phidelis on 5K bond. As the bond was being prepared, another cop wielding a whip had unceremoniously chased those who had gone to stand in solidarity with Phidelis out of the station. He had told them to do their waiting outside.
“I think this station should be investigated. They don’t treat people fairly at all and they have been accused of even harassing Bodaboda riders,” said an aggrieved resident.
Phidelis was finally released a few minutes to 7:00 PM.

Kihika widows declare support for Susan Kihika

The widows of the late Dixon Kihika Kimani have today reiterated that they have no quarrel with Susan Kihika contrary to what has been portrayed in the media in the past.

kihika widows addressing the press
kihika widows addressing the press

The widows were speaking at a press conference this morning at Kunste Hotel, Nakuru. The 5 out of the 8 widows said that what ha
d happened in the past was a small domestic issue that should not be used by the opponents of Susan Kihika.


“Kihika had 48 children in total. Out of those, Susan is the hardest working, she is the brightest and very conciliatory. She doesn’t hold a grudge,” said one of the step mothers. Jane Wanjiru.
The widows said that they have no issues whatsoever with Susan as she is one of their favourite daughters who has been good to all of them and has kept the family name alive on the national scene.
“We also take this opportunity to that president Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto for appointing Susan to spearhead the Jubilee campaign in the Central Rift region,” said another widow Miriam Warahu.


In addition, the widows speaking on behalf of the whole family have apologized to Susan for having been used by her opponents to spoil her name.
“We wish to apologize to Susan for spoiling her name. On behalf of the whole family, those present and those not present, we sincerely apologize for having been used by Susan’s opponents to soil her name,” they declared.
Those opposed to Susan Kihika politically have also been warned not to drag family disagreements into their campaigns.
“Please note that we have solved our family issues and this should not be a campaign issue,” said another of the widows.
The widows have also made an appeal to the people of Bahati to support Susan so that she can deliver to them just like the late Kihika.
The widows are, Nyambura Kihika, Alice Kihika, Lucy Wangari, Miriam Warahu, Charity Nyambura, Winnie Wangari and Margaret Wambui who was absent with apologies.

Kihika Kicks Off Her Presidential Elections Coordinator Role In Earnest

Recently appointed Coordinator of the Presidential Campaign Team in the former Central Rift Valley, Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Susan Kihika, yesterday
Chaired a meeting with the top Nakuru County leadership led by the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua.
The seven Nakuru Jubilee MPs including Women Representative Mary Mbugua, the four Senators led by the elected one, James Kiarie Mungai also attended the meeting.

Kihika with Liza Chelule and Martha Wangari

The forum, which kick-started her new role, started around midday at the Hotel Continental, near Parliament, Nairobi and is the first of a series to be spearheaded by Kihika, 42.
As expected today, an eighth MP, rebel ODM lawmaker Samuel Otara Arama was also present with the surprise member present being Kanu’s Moses Cheboi of Kuresoi North constituency.
However, Jubilee MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri of Bahati skipped the occasion, although some sources indicated that he’d been seen at the venue but later disappeared.Ngunjiri is the dark horse in this arrangement, initiated by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Samoei Ruto, as he’s reportedly opposed Kihika being the flagbearer of the Presidential torch in the region.
However Nelson Gaichuhie, the Subukia MP also of Jubilee but who’s outside Kenya sent his apologies as did Jacob Macharia of Molo but Deputy Governor Joseph Kibore Ruttoh was in attendance.
MPs at the meeting

Others present were:
David Gikaria Wairimu- Nakuru Town East
Ndiritu Mathenge- Gilgil
Joseph Kiuna- Njoro
John Kihagi- Naivasha
While Cheboi attended, his Kanu counterpart, Raymond Kipruto arap Moi was absent as usual as was another breakaway MP, Kuresoi South legislator Zakayo Cheruiyot of the Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto-led Chama Cha Mashinani party.
Hon. Gikaria and Kiuna

Other Senators present were Martha Wangari, Liza Chelule and Paul Njoroge who’re all Jubilee nominees.
“It was a briefing meeting regarding the Jubilee Party. She (Kihika) will this Friday be meeting the Jubilee MCAs and on the coming Friday 18th, she’ll be meeting with all the aspirants in Nakuru County”, one of those in attendance confided.
The meeting was to strategise on how to start the re-election of the UhuRuto Presidency during next year’s polls.
Kihika is in charge of the campaigns covering Nakuru, Laikipia and Baringo Counties and was appointed to the position recently during the inaugural Jubilee National Governing Council held at the Bomas of Kenya and presided over by both President Uhuru and DP Ruto.
A source said earlier that the Nakuru top elected political leadership were due to meet at a resort at Sunbird Lodge in Elementaita, Naivasha but it was abruptly shifted to the capital city for unknown reasons.

Who is Susan Kihika? Biography

Susan Kihika is the first Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly.

She is a youthful lady full of energy and has ably steered the Nakuru County assembly to what it is today.

The patriotic Susan left a lucrative law career in the US where she had founded the Kihika Law Firm to come back to serve the country.

Susan Kihika attended Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School after which she went to London then on to the USA for further studies.

She studied political science and law in America graduating in 2006 and thereafter admitted to the Bar Admissions of Texas.

She also studied at the Southern Methodist University School of Law in Dallas, Texas, J.D., 2006, the University of North Texas where she got a B.A. in Political Science.

Susan vied for the seat of MP for Bahati constituency in the year 2013. Despite losing in the hotly contested election, Susan conceded defeat and went further to not only remain firmly in the TNA party but she as well encouraged her masses of supporters across Bahati constituency to accept the results and support the winner of the election. The true act of leadership.

Coupled with her education, vast experience in matters law as well as the immense goodwill in her leadership qualities and more so her decision to remaining firm in TNA-The party- even after she lost in the elections. Susan went on and sought to be the first Nakuru County Assembly speaker. She beat a field of seven worthy contenders to emerge the first Assembly Speaker of Nakuru County.

And since then she has not looked back.
Her selflessness, her passion in serving the people as well as her commitment and focus whilst at it has received immense attention from across the county, the country and beyond borders.

Susan has indeed walked the talk on her first assignment in Nakuru County as Speaker. Under her steadfast leadership, systems have continually been put in place ensuring that the business of the house runs smoothly for future generations to come.

Recently, she was appointed by the President to be in charge of the Jubilee Presidential campaigns in Central Rift region and is also the Vice Chair of the County Assemblies Forum (CAF) which is the coordinating body of the 47 County Assemblies of the Republic of Kenya.

John Mahu Macharia – The peoples’ servant

“I have faced a lot of challenges in life to be where I am today,” reveals the jovial Macharia. He has a commanding presence and you’ll rarely fail to notice him in a room. Confident but soft-spoken, John Mahu Macharia is a person who has literally tasted life from both extremes.
The transformation from near pauper to a position of influence could explain his generosity both materially and with his time.

But all that is now in the past and the once young man who used to peddle water on a bicycle and clean toilets to supplement his family needs now has his eyes on a parliamentary seat.

  Education, work and more education

His first job posting was as a labourer at the then Municipal Council of Nakuru (MCN) right after he finished High school at Nakuru Day Secondary school. The menial job did not deter his dreams for a bright future and he immediately enrolled to study KATC. Studying part-time, he managed to do KATC 1 and 2.
He followed this by enrolling for a diploma course in Human Resource studying part-time at the University of Nairobi. He, however, had to put his plans on hold when his mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer and he had to channel most of his earnings into her medication. Unfortunately, his mother succumbed to the disease and passed on.
With these challenges, someone of a lesser determination would have given up on their dream but Mahu has soldiered on.
Mahu has a degree in Finance from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and this seems to have prepared well for his career in entrepreneurship.
After working as a labourer for a few months, Mahu was promoted to be a clerical officer owing to his hardworking nature. He was later to rise to the position of an administrative assistant and then to an administrative officer position he still holds even after transitioning to County government.

Mahu has also done several short courses.  He studied governance in Finland when the MCN had partnered with some Finnish municipalities. He also did Report and Minute writing at the Kenya School of Governance (Formerly Kenya Institute of Administration).

 Currently, he is undertaking an MBA in Management from JKUAT.

Working with community

Mash, as he is popularly referred to, has been working closely with the community. As a youth desk officer at the Municipal Council, he was able to introduce several programs to empower the youth.
To give financial freedom to the rural farmers, he was very instrumental in the founding of the first ever Poultry farmers’ cooperative society the Nakuru Poultry Farmers’ Cooperative Society. He says that for long, there have not been proper marketing mechanisms for the poultry products and by working together the farmers can achieve a lot more.
For several years now, Mahu has been a Rotarian.

“I’ve always had the heart to help the poor and disadvantaged in the community. That’s one of the reasons I joined the Rotary Club and I believe am making a change to a life somewhere,” says Mash.

Mahu the Book Warrior
Mahu is also one of the strong supporters of the Book Warriors. Since inception, he has been strongly supporting their activities including visiting schools and planting trees in school.

From an early age, leadership has always come naturally to him. He has worked closely with leaders in Nakuru over the years and he knows there is massive potential to make a difference in the lives of people through politics. Politics

“Politics is not necessarily evil if you’re focused in shouldering the responsibilities and carrying out your mandate,” says Mash on his decision to seek an elective post.
“I know I can do better, achieve more and make a more positive impact on the people if given the chance. Economic empowerment for local communities is something am engaged in even at this point,” reveals Mahu.
In the past few years, he has been working closely with women groups to empower them and introducing economic activities that will change the rural people. Even as he seeks to be elected the Bahati Constituency MP, he knows there is still something he can do to change lives before then.
“I’ve lived among these people, I know and understand their needs and I believe and trust I am their best option for MP,” says the soft-spoken John Mahu Macharia.
He is also a businessman and through his Eastgate estate has employed more than forty people.
He is a family man and has a wife and two kids.
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