Elect development-oriented leaders, says Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has urged residents to elect leaders who will spearhead development and fight for their rights.
Addressing journalists in Nakuru, Arama said leaders like him who have delivered to the people have a chance to be re-elected come August 9.
“Leaders who have good development records should be given chance. I  ask our people to elect leaders who will help solve problems and bring transformation in the society” he said.
Arama who is serving second term is defending his seat on Jubilee party ticket.
He added that his development record in Nakuru Town West speaks alot.
“Since 2013 when I took over leadership, there is tremendous development witnessed” said Arama.
He urged Nakuru Town West residents to bank on him for better development and reject divisive politics.
The MP also called on the electorates to vote in leaders who value peaceful coexistence.
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