Hyrax Hill Museum incorporates children’s programs to nurture artistic skills

Children Creativity by Hyrax Hill Museum Creativity Club.PHOTO/Lilian Amwanda.

Nakuru’s Hyrax Museum has won the hearts of many parents after the facility incorporated children in their programs.

The move has seen Hyrax Hill Museum be rated among the few museums that have embraced children’s artistic skills programs.

In an interview, Hyrax Hill Museum Curator Ms Lilian Amwanda says they opted for the same to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion.

But with the COVID-19 in place, she notes that the Children Program has been affected.

However, this has not hindered their ambition to ensure children artistic skills are nurtured as they have embraced online programs for the same.

According to Ms Amwanda, this has been made possible through various stakeholders among them children rights advocates as well as parents.

Some of the artistic skills work done by the Hyrax Hill Museum club have been aired on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation-KBC TV.

There has been a series of programs run on Thursday’s Breakfast Show at KBC.

Ms Amwanda says this has been of great motivation to the children as they are exposed nationally giving them opportunity to even nurture their artistic talents more.

They have also been hosted in various community radio stations in Nakuru.

“We celebrate our children as well as parents and all stakeholders who have co0ntinued to support our children nurture their artistic skills” said Ms Amwanda.

Located within Nakuru town, Hyrax Hill Museum depicts the lifestyle of seasonal settlement by prehistoric people at least 3,000 years old. The Museum is a former farmhouse ceded to the monument in 1965, by the Late Mr. A. Selfe.

The hill was named after hyraxes which are found in abundance, living in cracks within rocks found in this area. The Kenya Government gazetted Hyrax hill as a National Monument in 1943, four years after the first archeological excavation on the hill.

Hyrax hill lies in the middle of Kenya’s Rift valley, about 4 km from Nakuru town. The site is close to the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. It is about 150 km away from Nairobi. From Lake Nakuru, the hill is about 4.5 km with its base about 100m above the Lake.

The facility that was opened to the public in 1965 has continued to attract visitors who come to learn about history and heritage.

But did you know that the Hyrax Hill prehistoric site and Museum was built in the year 1920 by the then owner Ms Mary selfie-Briton and who was a dairy farmer during the colonial times?

Its’ archeological features that was discovered by the then archeologist Ms Mary Leakey in 1926 the site was declared a monument in 1943 as the 25th National Monument in Kenya.

The Hyrax Hill Museum has been centre of attraction to not only to various learning institutions in Kenya but to different visitors both locally and globally.



Embrace art as means of economic empowerment,youths told

Youths and society at large has been called upon to embrace art as a way of income generation and economic empowerment.

Joseph Ndirangu Ndigirigi-an artist and Secretary of an art group known as Jawabu Art in Nakuru says Art is an income generating vocation that should be embrace by all in society.

According to Ndirangu, many youths have talent in art which should be tapped by all in the society at early stages.

“I would wish that the society allows for the inborn talent in kids to manifest. If the community allows this then they might just be a force of change in global events” he said.

Ndirangu also calls on parents to ensure that they mentor their children who have interest in art for economic empowerment.

While thanking the government for the support in the art sector, Ndirangu He says art can nurture children in various aspects including positive moral growth as it communicates a lot.

“The community should support gifts and nurture them and I also must commend the government for the support they have given to the sector and I hope in future more support will be granted” he said.

He spoke during the ongoing 3 months art exhibition at the Kenya Library services Nakuru Branch.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Art work done by Joseph Ndirangu.He has called upon youths and society at large to embrace art as a way of income generation and economic empowerment.

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