National Theatre Week kicks off today at Afraha Stadium

The 2018 National Theatre week kicks off today at Afraha stadium, Nakuru.

The event that will give creatives from all fields an opportunity to showcase their works has been made possible by the Nakuru County Creative Economy Secretariat.

According to James Mwachia, this offers a great opportunity for young people and other creatives to meet new clients, grow their market base and interact with fellow creatives.

“We are encouraging everyone in the creative industry to take this opportunity to help grow their trade and meet new prospects,” says James who’s in charge of the Creative Industry Secretariat in Nakuru.

The organisers spent the whole of Tuesday setting up the venue.

“We’ll be holding the 3 day event at the Afraha Stadium open ground which the County Government has availed to us,” says James Maina another of the organisers.

The Secretariat will also be using the National Theatre week to collect data on all the creatives in Nakuru and the fields they are engaged in.

To make the whole exercise a success, the Secretariat has partnered with the county government through the ministry of youth, gender and sports.

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