Synopsis of events that led to the burning of lorry carrying stolen cattle

Kuresoi north Deputy County Commissioner Felix Wafula has sounded a stern warning to those involved in cattle theft in the area that their days are numbered.

He was reacting to an incident in which 21 cattle were stolen from a local farmer on Tuesday night but recovered.

“I want to call on the Chiefs to hold barazas regularly in order to bring this to an end. We will intensify patrols in the area” he said.

The cattle were recovered by Administration police officers in Karirikania village in Nyota ward.

The cattle had been stolen from the home of Jenifer Rono at 1.40am after a member of the public informed APs based at the farm of former Minister George Saitoti.

The APs responded and recovered all the cattle as the suspects fled using a lorry towards Mariashoni in Molo.

However, the lorry got stuck in the mud and APs from Olenguruone managed to arrive at the scene where the lorry was also burnt down.
Suspects now held at Olenguruone police station.The turn boy is the son to the lorry owner and are from Nakuru but the cattle are suspected to be destined for Nairobi market.

PHOTO/Hivisasa:Police vehicle at a past crime scene.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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