Suspected Al Shabaab terrorists attack police Station

Suspected Al Shabaab terrorists have attacked two police Stations in Ijara, in Garrisa County.

The attack by the suspected Somali based terrorists happened today, Saturday before dawn. According to a local police spokesperson, no casualties were reported.

The attackers are said to also have destroyed a communications mast which serves as the main communications equipment in the North Eastrern province. After the attack, the terrorists are said to have disappeared into Boni Forest in Somali.

Kenya still has anti-terrorist soildiers based in the country that has been racked by terrorists for decades.

A police vehicle that was stolen in the attack is still missing and the police say they re stopping at nothing until they track the terrorists and recover the police Land Rover. More reinforcement police officers have been deployed into the area to help in bringing to book the suspected Al Shabaab terrorists.

Several shops were also broken into during the early dawn attack in the town that lies 180 Kms from Garissa and 426 KMs from Nairobi.


Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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