Suspect arrested trying to steal camera from Nakuru’s K24 office

Police have launched investigations into a burglary incident at mediamax offices in nakuru.

The suspect.PHOTO/Kigotho.

According to the regional reporter Kigotho Mwangi, he opened the offices at 7:30am as usual and proceeded to do his daily routine.

“A  middle aged man knocked the door and inquired if the office was dealing with second hand cars.From the appearance, I could tell the guy was not either a salesman or a car dealer” said Kigotho.

He adds  that the suspect proceeded to go to other upper floors as he(Kigotho) went to the loo.

On coming back, he found the padlock opened and the same young man in the office holding a camera ready to go out.

The OB number obtained by Kigotho Mwangi at Central Police station.PHOTO/Kigotho Mwangi.

The young man is said to have pushed the reporter aside and ran down the stairs where the reporter raised alarm and apprehended the guy at the entrance.

According to reports from central police station, the young man was arrested last week at Mercy Mission Hospital after he robbed patients off their laptops and phones.

The suspect has been put in remand awaiting to be arraigned.

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