Susan Kihika – Taking Nakuru by storm

She is taking Nakuru by storm. Hundreds of thousands of words are used daily discussing her and her candidature. For the last four years, she has bestrode Nakuru County current affairs like a colossus. And just a month back, the president appointed her to lead in his re-election bid in some parts of Rift Valley.
Susan Kihika may be of a diminutive figure. However, her influence is larger than life. From an unknown lawyer practising overseas, the favourite daughter of the late Kihika Kimani has in four years shot into the limelight like a meteor.
Kihika has set her eyes on the Senate next year, and there is no doubt she will clinch the seat. She is yet to launch her campaigns but majority of Nakuru residents have already set their minds on her. No other County Assembly speaker in the republic is in the news as much is Kihika is.
Susan Kihika, despite not holding any elective post, could be the one person from Nakuru who gets the most media coverage. She is undoubtedly the queen of Nakuru especially with her being the most popular personality on Nakuru’s Social Media. Actually, there are those who mistake her to be the Senator already. Well, the incumbent is a lackadaisical lame duck who is hardly known in Nakuru, even by name.
Susan Kihika is definitely set for big things. From the County level to the National level, Kihika is slowly but perfectly fitting into her late father’s shoes. They say only time tells but for Kihika, the die has already been cast. Nakuru can look forward to a whole new beginning and start reclaiming her glory.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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