Susan Kihika emphasizes peace in her New Year message

The Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Susan Kihika, has released her New Year message to Nakuru residents.

In a message shared on social media by one of her aides, Kihika emphasized on peace especially this being an election year.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika has called for peace this elections year in her New Year Message

“We are aware that this is an elections year. We all know what a crucial role that Nakuru plays in shaping Kenya’s politics. It is therefore upon every peace loving Nakuru resident not to abuse this privilege but to make sure that we set the right tempo for this year’s elections,” read part of the widely circulated message.


Kihika added that with Nakuru being a cosmopolitan county, each of its residents had a responsibility to watch over the other and respect the other’s political stand.

“Nakuru is a cosmopolitan county. Each one of us has a responsibility to be their brother’s keeper regardless of tribe. Elections come and go but our daily lives have to go on. We owe it to our children to uphold peace not only for their posterity, but for our own sake,” said Kihika in the statement.

Susan Kihika also added that it was her hope that political aspirants would engage in peaceful campaigns and asked residents to refuse engaging politicians who spread division.

“I hope all the aspirants will engage in peaceful politics. Let’s respect and tolerate each other this campaign period. Let’s say NO to leaders who may try to turn us against each other, and above all, let us elect the best leaders for the sake of our County and Country,” read the statement.

As the Central Rift Jubilee Presidential Campaigns coordinator, Susan Kihika also took the opportunity to drum up support for President Uhuru and DP William Ruto. She also encouraged residents to register as voters in many numbers and to make sure they take part in the elections.

“Let us register as voters and actually vote when that time comes because bad leaders are elected by good people who don’t vote,” added Susan Kihika.

“I wish you all the best in 2017 for you and your friends and loved ones,” concluded the statement.

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