Sudi brands himself ‘peace ambassador’

Kapseret Lawmaker Oscar Sudi has branded himself a peace ambassador.

Speaking at the Nakuru Law courts after reinstatement of his security orders were issued,Sudi stated that he is is a law abiding citizen.

He noted that the court had restricted him from making public statements and he abided.

While branding himself a peace ambassador,the Lawmaker cited an incident in which he inteverned to restore peace between warring Pokot and Marakwet communities.

“I want to state here that I am a law abiding citizen.But if you check history you will realize that I also advocate for peace like sometime back in the issue of Pokot and Marakwet” he said.

The MP however pointing an accusing finger at police on how they have been going about their duties.

He called on Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to ensure he disepenses his duties without taking sides and allowing officers to be misused.

The Kapseret Lawmaker had petitioned to have his security reinstated citing that his life was in danger.

Senior Resident Magistrate Isaac Orenge in his Wednesday ruling ordered the Inspector General of Police to reinstate theĀ  Lawmaker’s security as withdrawal was a violation of the law.

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