Striking Nakuru medics risk being sacked

As the Nakuru county nurses and other health workers strike enters its 23rd day today, the county government of Nakuru has started terminating those on strike after they defied the December 21st deadline to resume work.
According to the Nakuru Public Service Board chair Waithanji Mutiti, the second batch of 50 workershave been employed and all of them expected to start working in their station by Friday.
He added that the total number of newly recruited contract employees stands at 275 with the county public service board and the health department warning of more sacking for those who refuse to report to work.
Among those recruited are clinical officers, nurses, medical lab technicians who are deployed in various health facilities within the county to continue offering services.
“As a county we are trying to address this issue concerning strike. We have recruited a further 50 staff who will be in their various stations by Friday” he said.
He also notified the strikes medics especially the nurses that they risk being sacked as the county takes stern action against them.
Mutiti added that the county will not pay those still on strike their December salary and even terminate their employment.
“Those still on strike and especially the nurses, let them be notified that a stern action will be taken against them including the county not paying their December Salary, they cannot continue to defy court order even after the court declared the strike illegal” he said.
This comes even as Kenyans still raise the debate of whether the health sector should go back to the National Government.

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