Statement by the Nakuru County Commissioner during his meeting with bloggers

The Nakuru County senior security officersjoshua-nkanatha today held a meeting with top bloggers in Nakuru.
Below is the statement they gave after the meeting which was read by the County Commissioner Mr. Joshua Nkanatha

Today marks a very important day as the Nakuru County Security team meets with top bloggers from the county of Nakuru in a familiarization gathering.
The objective of  meeting is to bridge and forge a working relationship between Nakuru bloggers and my Nakuru County Security team.
The phone penetration in this county is well above 85%, hence Social Media is a powerful tool that can be used positively to create harmony and peace within our County.
Social Media can be used to tame hate speech , irresponsible statements as well as point out areas of improvement  within societal setup.
Nakuru County is  a safe haven for different ethnic tribe group and  we ought to be sensitive to each other , live in harmony  and  build a unified county appreciating its diversity.
We must say No to hate speech, rumor mongering and team up to build a cohesive county devoid of tribal undertones.
I urge the Nakuru bloggers to use and promote real-time  platforms like Mulika Uhalifu to engage the Nakuru Security team as well as report the good and bad on matters security in our county.
I encourage all Nakuru  residents to use their phones to build and ignore messages meant to sow seeds of discord amongst us.
I assure all residents of Nakuru County of our commitment to make Nakuru a model county of peace.
Thank you and God bless you

Martin Gicinga

A writer passionate about Nakuru. I have interest in history, people, interesting places, technology and politics not necessarily in that order.

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