Source Government Furniture locally to support youth – Gideon Keter

Nominated MP Gideon Keter wants all furniture used in government offices to be sourced locally.

Keter says this will not only empower Kenyan youth economically, but will also make attending Technical Training Institutes more viable.

“Replacing import of furniture with locally-made in government offices will empower Kenyan youth,” writes the legislator on his official Facebook page.

The jubilee party nominated MP from Kuresoi in Nakuru County adds that continued import of government furniture will continue denying youth with the requisite skills an opportunity to commercialize their skills.

“With nobody going for their products, the youth will never get an opportunity to commercialize their skills,” he says.

The proposal by Hon. Gideon Keter comes at a time when the government has placed a 3 month ban on logging. Keter says once the ban is lifted, he expects to locally harvested timber benefitted locals through value addition.

To make the proposal a reality, and to ensure wood products made locally are of international standards, Keter reveals that he’s working on an MoU to important specialists.

“I am working on an initiation of government to government partnership by signing an MOU to bring in specialists to train us to make quality products instead of promoting foreign economies,” he says

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