Drama as police disrupt KHRC’s meeting with Solai Dam victims

A Tuesday meeting convened by Kenya Human Rights Commission to brief Solai Dam tragedy victims on their compensation case that is before court was dramatically interrupted by police officers from Solai Police.

The police claimed that the conveners of the meeting had not notified the police that they will be holding a meeting in Solai.

However, addressing media at Energy centre in Solai, Kenya Human Rights Commission CEO George Kegoro condemned police officers for disrupting the meeting.

According to Kegoro, the meeting was between a lawyer and the clients hence there was no requirement in the law that the police officers must be informed.

“The objection by the police is that we did not notify them. But then this is a meeting between a lawyer and clients and not type of meetings under the public order act tht requires police notification for it to go on” said Kegoro.

He added that as KHRC,they will do all that pertains them to ensure the victims of Solai Dam tragedy are informed concerning their compensation case that is before courts.

This even as victims of the Solai Dam tragedy continue to call on government through the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and ensure they get compensated over lives lost and destruction experienced.


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