Solai dam victims accuse area chiefs of fake beneficiaries

Families affected by the Solai Dam tragedy that claimed 47 lives have raised concerns over what they termed doctoring of compensation list by cartels.

They claim local administrators among them area chiefs have taken advantage of the compensation list to include people who were not affected leaving out the real victims.

Anne Wangari, who lost her 2-year-old daughter, narrated how the compensation scheme has been infested by cartels among them chiefs.

“Several lists have been going around untill we are confused. Since the tragedy happened I have not received any compensation.

The local chiefs are busy fixing names leaving the real families affected by the tragedy,” she said.

David Kariuki called on the government to intervene over the matter.

He said there should be no intermediaries and brokers in the issue of compensation.

“We don’t want brokers in the whole issue of compensation since the committee has excluded us and the local chiefs are to blameAs affected families we demand an appointment with Patel,” he said.

Another family in the area wants to be allowed to bury their cild.

Esther Wamaitha whose sister lost a child but not yet buried due to conflict after another family claimed the body, called on government to intervene so that they can bury their loved one and have peace.

“My sister lost a child in the tragedy but we are yet to bury since another family is claiming the same body. A DNA has been done and we are told to wait and that the results will be sent through MCA,” she said.


Photo/Pristone Mambili:Anne Wangari who lost her 2-year-old daughter in the Solai dam tragedy narrates to media how chiefs are interfering with compensation of Solai victims.

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